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Thousand years ago, in medieval ages a great war come to Middle Earth. Three Kingdoms fell into battle, The English, The Vikings and The Normans and you step in this great history! 1066 is an excellent strategy game in which you command the great armies of history.

In the game you get to control the English, Viking or Norman armies. The aim of the game is to defeat your enemy’s army by killing or scaring off as many of them as possible! The game puts you into the thick of the action, giving you direct control over every arrow barrage, cavalry charge and defensive stand. Taunts, chants and the presence of a strong leader will all prove crucial to winning the day.

The strong story is supported with an impressive presentation. There are perfectly designed intros before starting the game and each battle. The quality of arts, narrator voice and medieval background musics is as good as an hardcore game. In game arts on the other hand can't challange a real desktop game, however still top quality for a flash based game.

You may have some difficulties with controls if you start the game without reading the instructions first, but you still can learn them after a few tries. In my oppinion the only drawback about the game is the shortness of the game. The singleplayer mode only offers 3 battles to play, and because the game is really addicting one would expect more. Luckily there is a multiplayer option that you can play against random people or against your friends. Playing real time against friends is also rare for flash games,therefore another plus for the game.

In overall, it is an excellent strategy game for the lovers of the strategy genre and provides awesome arts, sound and gameplay for free! Have fun!

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Level 2: TZUKLQ4RA
Level 3: VC25DWXLB

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  1. piggy

    Apr 10 2010 18:36

    Reply to piggy

    its a brilleant but easy game beat hard on first go know how to get on to an amazing bonus lvl put a mesage on the board if you want to know the code :)

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