A Dralien Day

A Dralien Day

Genre(s): Point & Click Games, Adventure Games, Added by : soruman, Oct 22 2009 21:56,
Tags : point & click, adventure, pencilkids games

Again a superior cute adventure game from Pencilkids Games, the developer of the sucesfull adventure game Abuba the Alien. Help Dralien as he travels over hostile alien planet searching for this Dragon mom who was taken by Dragon Hunters. Although the game is not so long as Abuba the Alien, and also includes elements other than adventure genre, it is still a perfect game for adventure lovers. Compared to Abuba, it is much more easy. Most of the time you'll make your way just clicking to highlighted spots. The most difficult levels of the game are the one with the posioned gas and the one you have to beat a robot. As Abuba, the graphic art and the sound effects of the game are nearly perfect that we can't see on most of the flash games. Have fun!

Play A Dralien Day.

P.S. If you need help on any part of the game feel free to ask me. Or you can watch the walkthrough video located on the right sidebar.

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  • Walkthrough
    The video walkthrough of A Dralien Day game.
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  1. soruman

    Oct 22 2009 23:03

    Reply to soruman

    Added the video walkthrough to the videos section...

  2. soruman

    Oct 23 2009 11:41

    Reply to soruman

    Updated it to version 2.1, it fixes some bugs with the game... Have fun...

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