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The forerunner of the spring are the pollens. They bother some people because of the pollen allergy also known as hay fewer. Actually I don't have such allergy, but after playing this game I started to hate that flying evils! Afflux is a physics based puzzle game in which you are trying to guide dandelion fluffs to their pots arround "The House of Horror". The game is really difficult and this is why it made me hate those fluffs.

Each level you arrange a way for the upcoming fluffs using the shapes and equipment provided on that level. Wind is an important thing in the game.  On some levels there are ventilators on your toolbox, and on some you have to manipulate the existing wind sources (deflect or block them) to letthe fluffs land safely on their pot. 

Choose shapes by clicking the blue button on the top right that open your toolbox. Use the shapes to guide the wind so that the plant fluffs are directed into a pot where they can grow. When you think you have all your shapes aligned perfect, click the green play button at the top left.

The game has 33 levels plus a 11 level (paid) expansion back. Four of those levels are secret levels and will only be unlocked for the true masters of the game. Although the game is a bit dark (because of it is the house of horror) the graphic art is satisfying. Don't expect a glorius set of sound effects, besides it is not required for this type of game. Honestly, i did not like the game play much, you must align the shapes precisely even a small difference makes the fluffs stuck between shapes, and it makes me crazy when the game makes the calculations (they call it as test of the changes) again for this little change. Last of all, the game is a bit difficult for a regular player who don't want to waste hours for a puzzle game, however if you feel sure on yourself that you are puzzle addict and goot at this games it will be a good challange for you.

If you are stuck on any levels just leave a comment or fill out the contact form you can find at the top of the page and I'll post a video solution for that level.

Have fun!

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