Amateur Surgeon Christmas Edition

Amateur Surgeon Christmas Edition

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Amateur Surgeon Christmas Edition is an extension pack for Amateur Surgeon game, the popular game of Adultswim. Ten years after the original Amateur Surgeon, Alan Probe is now a hotshot surgeon with his own private jet. While flying over the North Pole he collides with a reindeer and must save Santa and his helpers to resuscitate the holidays.

The game is controlled via the mouse. Your tools are lined up at the top of the gameplay screen and are used similiarty to those in the first Amateur Surgeon.  Click to select one or you can quick-select them using the corresponding nuymbers 0-9 on the keyboard. Click or click-and-hold in the gameplay are to use them. For more help on how to deal with specific injuries and conditions, click the help button in the lower left corner of the gameplay area. Have fun!

Play Amateur Surgeon Christmas Edition


Level 1 (Generic Elf)

Level 2 (Mincer)

Level 3

Level 4 (Bjorn)

Level 5 (Santa)

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