Arrival in Hell

Arrival in Hell

A good news for Icon adventure lovers. Although there is a big community of players of this genre, we don't see that type of games much. It must be because they are difficult to create. They need a broader scenario, more scenes to draw, much work in voice & sound effects etc. Therefore Arrival in Hell is good opportunity for adventure addicts.

The story is a bit infernal, you wake up in a poor jail cell and don't have an idea how and why you are put in there. (The story is similiar to room escape type games, however the game play is like a icon adventure) While looking arround in the room, you see that a big monster killed one of the guards wildly. It is sure that something is wrong here. Later in the game, you'll find that even the guards are hopeless, and the facility is locked down to avoid the beast go out! You have to look arround for items, interact with the environment, talk to other prisoners and guards and find a way to stay alive until you can escape from the prison.

The game is fun to play, but you have to be tolerant towards the bugs. The controls looks like a bit buggy, but still playable. And on some scenes the art completely changes feeling that it is from another game. All in all, it is a free game that is a gift to the community, therefore such bugs are tolerable. It still offers you fun for a while for free! Have fun!

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P.S. The complete walkthrough is below, at the comments section...

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