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Tags : strategy, tower defence, defence, isometric

Back2Back is an arcade strategy game similiar to those popular tower defense games but it offers more of them! It fusses a classic defense gameplay with action based tactics. The good things about the graphics is not only that they are well drawn but also they are also isometric which gives a feeling of a 3d game. The background music and sound effects are also such top quality. 

Well it is a good game on design but what about gameplay. The story as the units and enemies fits well with the game. Somehow you are stuck on a abononed planet and need to defend yourself against hordes of bloodthirsty robots. Although the toops are realistic both in concept and design, it would be better if there were more troop options. Before starting on each level you have to select your troops to use on that level. Because there is a lack of space the number of troops is also limited. As you go through the levels you can select more special units following more powerfull robots!

On overall, it puts a fresh complexion to Tower Defense games both with its idea and gameplay. Have fun!

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