Back to the Cubeture

Back to the Cubeture

Genre(s): Adventure Games, Added by : soruman, Oct 02 2009 16:46,
Tags : adventure

Back to the Cubeture is a new & perfectly designed adventure game. With its great pixel graphis, amazing sound arts it really offers a funny gameplay to us.  "Starring our main man, Cuboy, you'll be sent off on an devastatingly adventurous mission full of wonder, mystery and.... silliness. First wait for the preloader to complete. When it's done, the main menu will appear. Click on the purple button on the right. Note on clicking objects in Back to the Cubeture : You need to click the corresponding tile, instead of the visual object. If you click a character, don't point the mouse at him - point it at the tile he's standing on." Have fun!

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