Backyard Buzzing

Backyard Buzzing

Genre(s): Strategy Games, Added by : soruman, Jan 29 2010 02:43,
Tags : strategy, rts

RTS (Real Time Strategy) is a popular game genre on hardcore games. Unfortunately there are a few RTS flash games on the market and most probably the reason is the difficulty of developing this types of games. The artificial intelligence is the base of these games, and the path finding algorithm is also not as simple as simple games. Although it is not frequent some developers are brave enough to release RTS games. (Even the games have some glitches and bugs) Backyard Buzzing is one of this games. It is a RTS game in which you have to build your base and train your own bugs army and take over the backyard. I agree that the AI is not brainy enough and there are big problems on path finding, bugs got stuck when they encounter an obstacle and it becomes a big issue on battles, however it is still exciting to play a flash based RTS game for free. In addition to that, a battle between bugs is a bright spot to make a game intersting. On overall, it offers you enough entertainment to keep you busy for hours.

Good luck and have fun!

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