Bad Birds

Bad Birds

Genre(s): All Games, Added by : soruman, Apr 07 2010 22:38,
Tags : puzzle, max games, lemmings

Lemmins was one of the most popular games of 90's both in Amiga and PC segment. After the success of Lemmings developers made many similiar and clone games. However flash games like lemmings are not released frequently. Bad Birds is a puzzle game similiar to Lemmings in which you try to save as many birds as possible by making them do the required acts available in that level. It is above average both in graphics, idea and features, however the game play is a bit slow which makes the player bored while waiting the leisury walk of the birds. It would be a perfect game if there would be an option to speed up the game. Good luck & have fun!

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  1. soruman

    Apr 07 2010 23:47

    Reply to soruman

    I beat level 17 but 18 is still locked. :S
    I can supply walkthroughs upto level 17, but can’t play further levels... :S

  2. Fred

    Apr 09 2010 14:08

    Reply to Fred

    This is a reply to this comment of

    I cant get past level 15 please help... the title of the level is jumpy

  3. soruman

    Apr 10 2010 11:24

    Reply to soruman

    The level called as jumpy is really hard, I beat it by ignoring the even numbered birds and only focusing on odd ones. In other words, try to save birds 1,3,5,7 etc. It is easier at the end, therefore you may also save the 15th one... I am going to upload a video walkthrough for 15...

  4. mr a

    Apr 11 2010 17:54

    Reply to mr a

    i still can’t do number 15 (jumpy)

    i tried ignoring every other bird but usually one will get to the wall and i will try to make it walk up it but i didn’t quite click it or something.

    it’s way too hard and i’m getting very annoyed.

  5. Fearflag

    Apr 11 2010 18:37

    Reply to Fearflag

    I´ve the same problem like you soruman. Finished lvl 17 but can´t play lvl 18

  6. mr a

    Apr 13 2010 09:57

    Reply to mr a

    15 annoys me because if you do alternate birds there comes a oint where you have to click the bird at the end to make it climb and then you ont have enough time to make te new one at the beggining jump

    in the end i gave up.... so i will never get to play the rest of the game.

    [sad face]

  7. a man

    Apr 28 2010 20:49

    Reply to a man

    can make a walkthrough for number 18

  8. death skull

    Sep 01 2010 21:12

    Reply to death skull

    how do u get past level 17? so hard plz help!!! :)

  9. no name

    Nov 06 2010 11:21

    Reply to no name

    I know I;m stuck too!! It;s so hard!!!!!! HELP!! thnx ^_^

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