Battalion: Ghosts

Battalion: Ghosts

Genre(s): Strategy Games, Added by : soruman, Nov 04 2009 04:09,
Tags : strategy, turn based, turn based strategy

A good news for turn based strategy game lovers, the new episode of Battalion trilogy is out. Take command of the powerfull Akadian Army as you crush the corwardly Northern Federation. You, as the Lieutant Hayne should command the forces of the Akadian's to fullfill the mission requirements, basicly destroying the enemy! The game is played on a 2d map with varying size depending on the level. The units consists of ground, sea & air forces. Different kinds of units have different features and abilities. Some are strong against air units while some have a broader range, while the others have a stealth tecnology etc. etc. Most of the time, you start the game with a fixed army but on some levels you'll have the buildings to recruit your own units. Victory greatly depends on your strategy, deciding the units to recruit, when & how you use them considering the terrain and enemy army will affect the result of the game! 

Notice that your mission is not always clearing all the enemies, actually this is not possible on some levels, just focus on your main objective and build your strategy upon it. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses is also currical for victory! I suggest you play the bootcamp levels first before playing the campaign, you'll see all of this yourself in that tutorial levels. Have fun!

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  1. five six

    Nov 05 2009 02:56

    Reply to five six

    r there any cheats for battlion:ghosts ???

  2. soruman

    Nov 05 2009 02:58

    Reply to soruman

    The game is a new release, so there are no known glitches or cheats for now, but i am going to make a strategy guide for the game in 1-2 days...

  3. oli

    Nov 18 2009 08:44

    Reply to oli

    ther are a hack cheat just look up battilion ghosts hack cheat engine
    hope this hlpsneed damn walkthroughs good and quick 1s

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