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I decided today that the puzzle challange will never end! The strange thing is those challenging games are not released at the same time. The developers must have some kind of queue to release the games! After our two day challange newtonian today I've found another addicting & challenging puzzle game. The goal is to place the blocks with the same symbols text to each other by clicking a side of a block to move it in that direction. You have 5 moves in every level, but you get an extra move if you slide over a green ball with a white + sign on it. Currently I am at level 9 from a total of 25 challenging levels. It was easy upto here but I think level 9 is the beginning of the real challange! Have fun!

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Biklo Level 21 Solution

Biklo Level 22 Solution

Biklo Level 23 Solution

Biklo Level 24 Solution

Biklo Level 25 Solution

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  1. soruman

    Nov 24 2009 01:39

    Reply to soruman

    I am on 24...
    Just 2 levels away to beat the game!

  2. soruman

    Nov 24 2009 01:48

    Reply to soruman

    Wohoo, I beat them all!
    Somebody knows any other challenging game?

  3. lud5r

    Nov 26 2009 10:29

    Reply to lud5r

    It was easy!!!

  4. soruman

    Dec 01 2009 20:24

    Reply to soruman

    Solution for 8;

    1. Bottom Right Square, LEFT
    2. Bottom Left Circle, LEFT
    3. Upper Right Circle, DOWN
    4. Upper Left Square LEFT then DOWN

  5. soruman

    Dec 01 2009 20:35

    Reply to soruman

    I’ve deleted the comment requesting for level 8 by mistake, sorry for that... The solution you are looking for is above this comment...

  6. LOlo85

    Dec 13 2009 18:46

    Reply to LOlo85

    I don’t find any solution for 24 !!

  7. LOlo85

    Dec 14 2009 09:28

    Reply to LOlo85

    OK, I’ve found, and the 25 too !

  8. BCD

    Dec 21 2009 15:30

    Reply to BCD

    Hey could anyone please give me the solution to level 11 I’m really struggling. Thanks

  9. tobcd

    Dec 21 2009 16:20

    Reply to tobcd

    The X on the right, UP
    The circle on the left, RIGHT
    The X on the bottom, RIGHT & UP
    The square on right, LEFT

  10. RpgKiller.

    Jul 24 2010 21:51

    Reply to RpgKiller.

    Thank you tobcd.

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