Bloons Super Monkey

Bloons Super Monkey

Genre(s): Arcade Games, Action Games, Added by : soruman, Feb 25 2010 01:50,
Tags : action, shooter, ninja kiwi, bloons

After the high popularity of the Bloons & More Bloons puzzle games three years ago, Ninja Kiwi released new games related to the serie on different genres featuring the monkey on Bloons. However I've never seen a action shooter from Ninja Kiwi. Bloons Super Monkey is a vertical scrolling shooter in which you take control of Super Monkey as he embarks on a Bloon popping frenzy through 5 stages and 15 waves. It is one of the games that you can finish easily, however to have more fun you should play harder and harder, purchase all the upgrades and pop more bloons. Good luck & have fun!

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  1. w3w

    Apr 11 2010 12:38

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    nc one

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