Bloons Tower Defense 4

Bloons Tower Defense 4

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Although it has been released more than two years ago the puzzle game serie Bloons and More Bloons are still popular. How do I know that? The walkthrough videos that I've sent two years ago are still my top viewed videos today. After the popularity of the Bloons and More Bloons games the developer made many other games related two bloons. Bloons Tower Defense serie is one of these games, and today Ninja Kiwi released the 4th game of the serie and it is as addicting as the previous bloons games.

Tower Defense games is a subgenre of real time strategy games. The goal is to try to stop enemies crossing the map bu building tower which shoot at them as they pass. As Bloons Tower defense is based on Bloons serie, your enemies are different kind of bloons and most of your towers consists of different type of monkeys.

There ar e 6 types of tracks you can defend (+7 premiums tracks you can buy), 12 different tower types (excluding the upgrades), 3 different traps and additionaly a banana farm which generates extra money each turn. The biggest problem that I encounter on most of the tower defense games is they slowdown as the enemie count & hp increases. In Bloons TD 4 there is no such effect, the game runs always as fast as the first level. The only drawback of the game is the fast forward button. You should click and hold the button in order to make the game faster. It would be better if it could be toggled by a click, instead of holding the button.

In general, it is a game that you should play definetely if you are like tower defense games and/or a fan of bloons like me.

Have fun!

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  1. soruman

    Oct 26 2009 10:35

    Reply to soruman

    I am almost a millionaire but there is no room to build new towers, and the screen is filled with tens of planes. It really slowed down...

    I am going to prepare a strategy guide for the game in the upcoming days. (in a day or two)

  2. MelO

    Oct 31 2009 15:28

    Reply to MelO

    Hey soruman, If you don’t mind, I’d like to share in some of your wealth.

    I’ve passed the first 5 tracks, now I need help with the expert level track.
    Do you have a forthcoming strategy guide for this level?

    Any hints and tips would be appreciated.
    Thanks :)

  3. soruman

    Nov 02 2009 00:54

    Reply to soruman

    The first version of the guide is available here. I’ll make some more improvements in the upcoming days...

  4. soruman

    Nov 02 2009 02:28

    Reply to soruman

    MelO, I am not a master on that level yet. The next move is to prepare some strategy guides for the levels but I am going to do that in a order, starting from the easiest to the hardest... Any help will be appreciated..

  5. David

    Jan 03 2010 01:49

    Reply to David


    I’ve passed HARD on the Advanced map. It took me quite a while! Anyway, just like my tactics for every other previous map, I mass monkey aces with the pineabpple upgrade. You start out with simple monkey darts, about 7 lined evenly spaced (screen size > 1 inch) along the route, and set to target STRONG. Save up enough money and purchase your monkey aces ASAP. You will need to time it right, because there will come a time when you have two monkey aces, and you can sell off the 6 or 7 monkey darts to purchase another monkey ace or two. From there, you strategically use as few glue bombs as possible, and let your monkey aces do the work. DO NOT PURCHASE THE PINAPPLE upgrade until you have massed atleast 8 monkey aces. To take care of steel bloons, simply use the 25$ pineapples (make sure to time them right!)

    After you’ve reached a certain threshold around level 35 where you monkey aces can take care of everything, passing the levels all the way up to 60 is EASY!!

    At 60, you will need to sell off about 40 of your monkey aces and purchase a SUN GOD. Sell off a few more once you’ve earned more money, and purchase and max out the ice tower, which you will place on the first BEND in the map. SUN GOD + ICE TOWER = Win. You will have extra planes to help as well.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  6. Heather

    May 14 2010 20:48

    Reply to Heather

    Thanks for the advice - after numerous attempts to pass the expert track, on easy, I was able to do it by following your strategy! :)

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