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Tags : puzzle, physics, physics based

Blosics is a new physics based block destruction puzzle by Igrek Productions. Your goal is to reach at least 100 points to advance to next level. There are 10 levels to play and lots of blocks to throw! It is not too easy nor too challenging! Just a fun puzzle game to play in your coffee break! Have fun!

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P.S. Blosics 2 is released on Feb. 15th 2010.

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  1. soruman

    Dec 16 2009 20:52

    Reply to soruman

    I think that the hardes level is level 8, I easily beat 9 and 10 but tried 8 several times...

  2. goldfish

    Dec 17 2009 11:03

    Reply to goldfish

    How to you beat level 8

  3. soruman

    Dec 17 2009 12:35

    Reply to soruman

    i bounced the ball using the right & upper walls and make the red bricks fall over green ones and made the required points in one shot, there might be better solutions go get higher scores...

  4. hi

    Dec 19 2009 02:28

    Reply to hi

    how beat lv 9

  5. soruman

    Dec 19 2009 14:51

    Reply to soruman

    on level 9,

    it is easy to make the green roofs fall with disturbing a few red ones below...

    And for the top ones, I used some big balls on green blocks and compared the remaining green & red block quantity to make another shot or not...

  6. the boss

    Dec 19 2009 21:03

    Reply to the boss

    This is a reply to this comment of

    hey i did the same thing!

  7. Kryss

    Dec 19 2009 22:04

    Reply to Kryss

    I am SO lost on level 2. What can I say? Would you be able to tell me how to beat it?

  8. Kryss

    Dec 19 2009 22:09

    Reply to Kryss

    This is a reply to this comment of

    Nvm. Got it.

  9. craz1

    Dec 23 2009 18:20

    Reply to craz1

    This is a reply to this comment of

    i hit the bottom of the green blocks then the blocks fell away from the red blocks

  10. Zach

    Dec 30 2009 05:37

    Reply to Zach

    every time I shoot the green blocks, it won’t count my score? Why???

  11. Help

    Dec 30 2009 05:41

    Reply to Help

    It won’t let me gain points for shooting green blocks?

  12. soruman

    Dec 30 2009 10:29

    Reply to soruman

    Zach, for shooting or throwing them out??

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