Body Defence

Body Defence

Genre(s): Tower Defense Games, Strategy Games, Added by : soruman, Dec 15 2009 11:38,
Tags : tower defense, strategy, tower defence

The Tower Defense games was fun to play when the idea first came up with Flash Circle TD and a couple of succeeding ones like Flash Element TD Onslaught Tower Defense. Because the idea is overused and there are lots of clones online I prefer to add only games with some original additions and/or fun gameplay.

In Body Defence your goal is to defend the vital organs of the body from hordes of attacking virusses. Eventhough the game needs some bugfixes & improvements on some features it is still fun to play. The game is easy once you get the trick. The limited number of enemy types makes the game even easier. According to the "next virus" markup showing the next coming virus there must be more. There are several interesting looking enemies down there but some of the coolest looking ones came out as the basic virus you get at the beginning of the game. They must be the ones that are immune to some attacks and/or attacking the towers. (I am not sure if it is a bug or not, but it is a must to have different creatures to get more from the game)

There are 10 maps to play. You can play the first two as you start the game, the later 8 maps are locked and you have to unlock them by beating previous maps.

SPOLER: I played the first 6 maps and beat them easily by first building the cheapest towers, and saving money to get higher interest, then used the slower tower and changed the cheap ones with laser turrets when I have enough money.

To summarize, Body Defence is an easy but funny tower defence game that will keep you busy for at least 3-4 hours if you want to beat all the levels. Have fun!

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  1. hjsbdjhsbdfc

    Mar 29 2010 21:22

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    i wants cheats

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