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Today is a lucky day for me. I made a long meeting with a client about a long term freelance project and got the job. Then we discussed on a wide variety of topics with some people inside the firm and it was really overstrained my mind. However because it is my lucky day, i found some relaxing puzzle games when I got home. I've posted a relaxing puzzle game Flood Fill about an hour ago and CCCPirates is the second relaxing puzzle game of today. It is a physics based puzzle game with a good graphics art quality and a calm background music.

The goal of the game is to knock out the treasure chests into the sea by firing as few cannonballs as possible while preventing the toxic waste fall into the sea. To make a cannonball appear press and hold the left mouse button on an empty space on the screen. Then point it in the direction you intend to shoot and release the button to shoot the cannonball. There are special kinds of blocks and obstacles that will be introduced as you pass through levels. Don't worry about the cannonballs you fire, you have an unlimited supply of cannonballs. Thus, the fewer cannonballs you use, the bigger your score will be. Once all the treasures of a level will be sent underwater, you will have 5 seconds of free shooting. So enjoy yourself, basic blocks give points too! Except, of course, the infamous toxic waste barrel.

Have fun!

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P.S. Although the game is an easy one you can always request a solution video for a level by using the comment form below, or using the contact form at the top of the page.

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