Cake Shop 2

Cake Shop 2

Genre(s): Time Management Games, Added by : soruman, Dec 15 2009 08:21,
Tags : time management

Time management games does not have a long history in the gaming industry. The first game I played on this genre must be Diner Dash about 3-4 years ago. Although they are simple they can be addicting & challenging most of the time. The game Cake Shop 2 is a new time management game developed by EfeFun games and sponsored by GirlGames. It is a classic time management game, played on simple screen with some fancy graphics. You are running your own cake shop and trying to serve customers as best as possible to get higher tips!

Although the game is good on graphics and gameplay concept I am not satisfied with the game thinking my overall experience! The game is really easy so doesn't offer any challange, i've completed all the levels with perfect grade, earned a lot of money but couldn't find anywhere to spend that! You can't buy upgrades on any level, instead the upgrade window popup after some levels and you can only purchase one upgrade even you have enough money! All of them are new product upgrades and your decision almost doesn't have an effect on your success.

It would be better if the game was a bit more challenging. Maybe different customer types with different tip and patience levels. More options on upgrades other than product upgrades, and maybe a difficulty selection affecting all of these!

There are a total of 20 levels and they are presented with starts on the map. Because the game is easy I thought that the store will change after 20 and this is why the game is easy. However after completing 20 all I had was a "play again" message.

To sum up, Cake Shop 2 is a good time management game with excellent graphic arts & 3d renders, but it looks like it only includes the first 20 easy levels although it is not! If you are not looking for a challange, instead just a funny game to waste some time it will entertain you for an hour. Have fun!

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