Cargo Bridge

Cargo Bridge

Genre(s): Puzzle Games, Added by : soruman, Oct 28 2009 21:29,
Tags : puzzle, physics, addicting, physics based

It is strange that I have never played this wonderfull game before! The game is an old release, more than 6 months ago. I found it by chance today and spend my last 4 hours playing it. Cargo Bridge is a physics based puzzle game from Limex Games. The goal is to build a brige for your little workers access the cargo on the other side, or somewhere higher on the hill and bring back it to the base. While doing this you have to take the weight of the cargo, the amount of men, the geometry and angle of the bridge into account. Just forget that it is a game and think you as an architect, the building mode will help you on that. The build mode actually takes place on a blueprint version of the level along with various measurements of the length of the gaps and the angle of inclines.

For each level you have limited budget. All money that you won't use become your score, so cheaper brige means higher score. Money collected in all levels of game will be your total score and will be sent to the leader board. You will use those money in challange mode too. There are two types of brige elements. "Walk" which your workers step on them, and "connectors" that are used to connect elements of the bridge. Now I am going back to the game, i hope you like it too. Have fun!

Play Cargo Bridge.

Solution videos of level 1-8
Solution videos of level 9-16
Solution videos of level 17-24

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