Civilizations Wars

Civilizations Wars

Genre(s): Strategy Games, Added by : soruman, Jan 01 2010 03:12,
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Civilization Wars is a fast thinking real time strategy game developed Cave of Wonder Studios and sponsored by Bubble Box. The goal of the game is to defeat all the enemies on the map. There are 33 levels per race, some including mega boss enemies in addition to regular tribes.

On most of the levels you start the game with only one building and need to conquer the free buildings spots to increase your overall populating growth. Buildings can hold limited population depending on their sizes. There are some special building types like towers, and crystal mines. Although crystals doesn't have a direct effect on population growth or on troop types they are the soruce of your spell powers which is crucial to win the game.

The game tutorial covers all the basic things about the game play, like the building types, game play and special buildings. However after 3 hours of game play I would like to give you some tips about the game.

1. If you send more troops than the buildings allowed limit to any of the buildings, you'll lose the excess amount in a short time. Take the building size into account when sending troops.

2. The population of crystal mines affects the generation rate of crystal. Try to keep the population of them at the limit to get more crystals.

3. The population of towers affects the shooting rate of the tower. If you build a strategy that depends on the towers, try to keep the population at the limits.

4. The time is limited on boss levels, you have to kill the boss on before time runs out or it will kill all your people!

On overall, it is a funny & addicting game for the lovers of this genre, not only with its good graphic arts and sounds effects but also with its wonderfull game play mechanism. Have fun!

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