Clockwords Word Game

Clockwords Word Game

Genre(s): Other, Added by : soruman, Sep 25 2009 20:39,
Tags : word game, typing defence, word defence

Clockwords is a typing defense game in which you defend your laboratory by typing words. I don't like word games much, but clockwords comes with a unique idea. Having the ability to type any word is something new for me. (At least I didn't see this on other word games). The art and design is great, and the music is a relaxing one and really suits to the game. On first a few levels, having the ability to use any words makes the game look like easy, but midway through the game it will be harder and harders and you can't complete that level without using power letters or combos. To sum up, it is a word game with a unique idea and great design. If you like this type of games, you should take a look!

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  1. MADness

    Jan 19 2010 02:28

    Reply to MADness

    This game is quite complicated.

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