Cover Orange

Cover Orange

Genre(s): Puzzle Games, Added by : soruman, Oct 17 2009 02:15,
Tags : puzzle, physics, bubblebox, physics based

Cover Orange is a new physics based puzzle game distributed by BubbleBox. The object of the game is to protect the orange or oranges by dropping items to the gameplay area. Items may be used to roll oranges to safe places, to cover them directly or manipulate other objects to cover the oranges.The game consists of 20 easy & funny levels. Probably you can beat all the levels without any help (I'll add the video walkthrough anyway), but you have to be quick if you want a good place in the high score list. The cute graphics and sound effects combined with a physics engine offers an excellent game play. Have fun!

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Cover Orange Walkthrough Video (All levels)

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  1. Tommy

    Oct 25 2009 22:46

    Reply to Tommy

    i need help in this game please help me!

  2. soruman

    Oct 26 2009 14:44

    Reply to soruman

    Need the solution of a level? Just leave a comment or fill the contact form at the top of the page, and i’ll upload the solution video of that particular level here...

  3. trev

    Nov 03 2009 00:28

    Reply to trev

    how to do level eight??

  4. soruman

    Nov 03 2009 00:53

    Reply to soruman

    Trev, I’ve added a video walkthrough...

    Watch it here

  5. soruman

    Nov 03 2009 00:54

    Reply to soruman

    Level 8 is on 2:14...

  6. papaaaaaaaa

    Nov 05 2009 15:18

    Reply to papaaaaaaaa

    level 19? not a video

  7. micha

    Nov 05 2009 17:18

    Reply to micha

    papa drop a wheel from the left to let the big plank fall, use the second wheel to make the same on the upper one below the orange, then use then drop the box between the triangles to cover the orange...

  8. bailee

    Dec 16 2009 17:44

    Reply to bailee

    i need help on level seven !

  9. someone

    Dec 19 2009 22:57

    Reply to someone

    need help on level 20 plz thanks

  10. Kaattteeeeeee

    Jan 27 2010 04:16

    Reply to Kaattteeeeeee

    Level seventeen, please? Or medium seven.

  11. soruman

    Jan 27 2010 04:32

    Reply to soruman

    This is a reply to this comment of

    Watch the video walkthrough here.

    17 is on 5:30 ...

  12. briiiiiiiii

    Apr 26 2010 15:28

    Reply to briiiiiiiii

    need help on level 25

  13. JPR

    May 01 2010 17:18

    Reply to JPR

    cant see video anywhere it doesnt work for me are there any walkthroughs for this game with screenshots and descriptions

  14. jpr

    May 01 2010 17:19

    Reply to jpr

    need description how to beat lvl 15 I get concept but nothing works

  15. bricktrick

    May 01 2010 21:22

    Reply to bricktrick

    This is a reply to this comment of

    Walkthrough video is here. Level 15 starts at 4:52

  16. ally

    May 28 2010 00:34

    Reply to ally

    i beat it:)

  17. tgrrl

    Sep 20 2010 23:23

    Reply to tgrrl

    level 23?? plz

  18. sayliaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Oct 05 2010 03:40

    Reply to sayliaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    can someone help me on level 19 bcuz i didn’t get micha’s comment:(

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