Crayon Blocks

Crayon Blocks

Genre(s): Puzzle Games, Added by : soruman, Mar 18 2010 13:58,
Tags : puzzle, sliding

Crayon Blocks is a new sliding puzzle in which you have to move the red block to the exit by moving other blocks out of its way. There are a total of 40 levels which similiar look but different difficulty levels. The first 15 levels are not big a deal but it starts to be harder & harder after that. Drag red block and move it through the opening on the right. Vertical blocks can move only up and down. Horizontal blocks can move only left and right. Good luck & have fun!

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P.S. Solutions will be uploaded upon request.

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  1. soruman

    Mar 22 2010 01:59

    Reply to soruman

    If you are stuck on any level, I can upload solutions upto level 30...

  2. kbell09

    Mar 24 2010 17:03

    Reply to kbell09

    i would like the soluton to level 25 to be uploaded please and thank you.

  3. soruman

    Mar 24 2010 21:11

    Reply to soruman

    I have uploaded the video solution of level 25 as requested. Have fun!

  4. husky2013

    Mar 25 2010 16:36

    Reply to husky2013

    How about level 30? (Stuck...) =(

  5. husky2013

    Mar 25 2010 16:39

    Reply to husky2013

    Never mind, figured it out... tough, though. Took me a good 15 minutes on that level alone!

  6. Little-Azuns

    Mar 25 2010 22:44

    Reply to Little-Azuns

    Can I have a solution to lv 11?

  7. soruman

    Mar 26 2010 01:34

    Reply to soruman

    This is a reply to this comment of

    Little-Azuns The walkthrough of level 11 is here

    Have fun.

  8. Tyler

    Mar 29 2010 03:54

    Reply to Tyler

    This is a reply to this comment of

    i need lvl 5

  9. Tyler

    Mar 29 2010 03:56

    Reply to Tyler

    i just started today so im not experienced

  10. Hannah

    Mar 29 2010 14:43

    Reply to Hannah

    Can a walkthrough for 13 be uploded please??

  11. Zoe

    Mar 30 2010 15:33

    Reply to Zoe

    Please help, can you please post a walkthrough for Level 24, got through all the other levels but really stuck on this one!! Many Thanks

  12. Zoe

    Mar 30 2010 15:37

    Reply to Zoe

    Sorry after posting about level 24, I finally done it after hours of trying. Thanks anyway.

  13. nelke

    Apr 01 2010 11:55

    Reply to nelke

    I am stucked on 30 as well.. any idea?

  14. Giliane

    Apr 05 2010 17:22

    Reply to Giliane

    I am stucked on level 22, please help!

  15. jhon

    Apr 11 2010 04:06

    Reply to jhon

    i need of the 16

  16. mogriah

    Apr 14 2010 12:58

    Reply to mogriah

    27!!! :(

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