Creeper World Training Sim

Creeper World Training Sim

Creeper World Training Sim is a new & high additictive tower defence game developed by Knuckle Cracker and sponsored by ArmorGames. It is a completely unique tower defense game with a great gameplay. 

The story that is told on the intro is sad & impressive. (By the way, if someone gives the name of the background music I'll be gratefull.)

"In the year of 13271, Humankind had colonized thousands of worlds. They found none their equal as they spread into a fantastic and bountiful empire. At the height of their greatness they walked amongst the stars as though they were gods. But gods they were not... It fell from the sky wihout purpose or reason.  Fifty worlds fell on the first day. 500 billion lives were lost.  World after world fell as man was routed from existence Nothing could stop what would come to be called Creeper. It wanted nothing, it could not be easoned with. It seemed as though its only purpose was to undo all that Man had done. But all was not yet lost... The last survivors of hymanity have gathered at a world called Hope. Assebmled by the visions of a crazed Old Man,the last of Humankind marks its final hours. A great city has been built to house 50 thousands that survive. It will journey from worl to world... Never staying longer than it must. Guided by the path set by the Old Man, Our final journey will son begin."

Defend your base from the Creeper and fight your way to safety! Creeper World Introduces a whole new kind of enemy that flows across the terrain. Fight back with your blasters, mortars, drone attacks and more. It wasn't easy but I've finished all the levels, and not only beaten creeper but also played arround with him. It is really really addciting & funny game! A must play! Have fun!

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1 Comment

  1. soruman

    Apr 16 2010 02:20

    Reply to soruman

    I played the full version of the game and noticed that I was a newbie while playing the training sim...

    Mortals are good in terms of damage but they are slow, use them for massive attacks to make the creeper smaller, and build/move blasters near to trap it when it is small enough...

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