Damn Birds 2

Damn Birds 2

Genre(s): Other, Action Games, Added by : soruman, Dec 19 2009 17:24,
Tags : action, shooter, mofunzone

What do the statues of the past, present, and future have in common? Winged demons (birds) pooing on them viciously. Play as special statues who have had enough... go through time and get revenge on these flying bastards using the best weapons possible. An excellent shooter from mofunzone. Have fun!

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  1. soruman

    Dec 19 2009 18:03

    Reply to soruman

    i hate those geese, I always die 1-2 levels after the geese comes into the play...

  2. nobody

    Feb 14 2010 18:12

    Reply to nobody

    wtf does that have to do with damn birds 2????

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