Daymare Town 3

Daymare Town 3

Genre(s): Point & Click Games, Adventure Games, Added by : soruman, Mar 30 2010 21:03,
Tags : point & click, adventure

Daymare Town is is the latest point & click adventure game of the point & click puzzle adventure serie Daymare Town that is developed by Mateusz Skutnik. You start the game in your room of the daymare town hospital, you should first escape from the room and then investigate the hospital for an alternative exit cause the main exit is blocked. Not only the hospital is weird but also the people around is crazy. Daymare Town 3 offers clever puzzles and well drawn graphic arts which makes the game a top-notch point & click adventure game. What do you think, can you save yourself from this crazy place? Good luck & have fun!

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  1. soruman

    Mar 31 2010 02:28

    Reply to soruman

    Anyone who can manage to finish the game? It is not a straight game, that trade stuff is confusing and losing money makes trial and error impossible...

  2. soruman

    Mar 31 2010 06:13

    Reply to soruman

    Selling your stuff because your inventory full is annoying, we may not collect everything we see arround, or take them later... I escape the hospital, have found some puzzle parts, three gears and put them into some kind of device in the town and now looking for the next part. The game is really huge and detailed!

  3. soruman

    Mar 31 2010 20:41

    Reply to soruman

    I’ve found another device and also activated it by putting some gears into it. I also noticed that each of this devices turns one light on the machine located in magicians house. Now I have another two gears, and need to find another device to activate (There is still one light off on the machine) but I can’t find where it is...

    I’ve also managed to get three stone orbs, but don’t have an idea where to use them...

  4. soruman

    Mar 31 2010 20:57

    Reply to soruman

    WOHOO I’VE FINALLY FINISHED THE GAME! I am going to write a text walkthrough and upload a video walkthrough asap...

  5. soruman

    Apr 01 2010 10:40

    Reply to soruman

    Daymare Town 3 Video Walkthrough

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