Diner City

Diner City

Genre(s): Strategy Games, Added by : soruman, Oct 28 2009 03:21,
Tags : strategy, tycoon

Diner City is among the horde of Tycoon games in which you try to start your own restaurant business. You'll make the investment decision which will affect your serving capabilities and revenue. The game play is straightforward, you just upgrade your restaurant whenever you got money, sometimes you may skip some upgrades to save the money for better ones which is the main strategy of the game depending on competitors move. The game is all about the fight between a chinese food and a burger restaurant. You can run both of them, if you choose the burger restaurant your competitor will be a chinese restaurant and vice versa. You win when you earn 100% of the level money goal or earn more money than your oponnent. Because you have limited count of days to reach the goal, most of the time the winning condition is having more money than your opoonent at the end of the cycle. 

There is almost no sound effects, however a background music that suits well to the game. Although the engine behind the game is a good one, there are almost no visual actions only the customers running accross the screen and a simple gui to buy the upgrades. Last of all, it is a bit difficult and there is no option to choose the difficulty level, therefore it may make you busy enough in a boring day if you try to beat all the levels. Have fun!

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  1. soruman

    Oct 28 2009 22:16

    Reply to soruman

    You can use cheat engine for unlimited money, I wrote the settings in cheats/tips section above...

  2. the first

    Oct 29 2009 13:19

    Reply to the first

    i was the first to comment

  3. billy joe

    Oct 31 2009 15:19

    Reply to billy joe

    great level 3 is hard/ard

  4. hay hay

    Oct 31 2009 23:46

    Reply to hay hay

    levl 4 is hard

  5. Greg

    Nov 01 2009 11:52

    Reply to Greg

    lmao hay hay saw that someone wrote that lvl 3 was hard and so has pretended that he’s reached lvl 4..

  6. King Crab

    Nov 02 2009 14:27

    Reply to King Crab

    In lvl 2 you need to put an ice cream shop in front of their place cuz then the other diner’s customers who havn’t spent all their money go there and then........ CHA-CHING

  7. ryan

    Nov 06 2009 00:49

    Reply to ryan

    how do you beat lvl 4

  8. dsvg

    Nov 06 2009 12:13

    Reply to dsvg

    level 4 is tooo hard i dont pass it

  9. clairebear87

    Nov 07 2009 14:42

    Reply to clairebear87

    I can’t get passed level 2 i put the ice cream shop in front of the other place but that just gave them all there customers that didn’t spend money

  10. Mr awesome

    Nov 07 2009 18:48

    Reply to Mr awesome

    Omg lolol i put an ice cream store and i had enough to get both of the stores on sale in lvl 2

  11. Mr splog

    Nov 08 2009 15:05

    Reply to Mr splog

    level 6 is well easy

  12. Ben

    Nov 09 2009 19:24

    Reply to Ben

    I cant win level one :P

  13. Aviallani

    Nov 10 2009 16:54

    Reply to Aviallani

    level 4 is easy if you follow the right path

    first hire 1 employee so you’re at fast

    then buy each add on in the first row that adds revenue but not seats - this gives you cash without having to pay staff

    then wait until you can do the 2000$ take out upgrade

    then wait until you can afford the second store

    hire 1 employee at the second store

    wait until you can buy the third store

    hire 1 employee at the third store

    You can’t lose after that - just go back to your first store and start upgrading seats and watch the cash roll in!

  14. mick

    Nov 13 2009 21:18

    Reply to mick

    2 is hard :O:)

  15. Confused :S

    Nov 16 2009 01:28

    Reply to Confused :S

    does anyone know how to beat level 4?

    P.S. to beat lvl 2, just remember to go slow(unless business in perfect) AND set up ice cream, newspaper and benches..
    bench on the left, ice cream on the right and newspaper in the middle.
    all about how u manage it.

  16. tima

    Nov 16 2009 01:30

    Reply to tima

    This is a reply to this comment of

    how did u beat 4?

  17. Softy

    Nov 17 2009 22:50

    Reply to Softy

    thanx Aviallani
    level 4 done!
    same strategy level 5 :) also done

  18. mofunzone

    Nov 18 2009 23:38

    Reply to mofunzone

    I can’t beat lvl 5 need help.

  19. manny

    Nov 21 2009 16:47

    Reply to manny

    to beat lvl 5 u need to buy the tree properties before the other one after u win same for the level 4 thx

  20. FOG.com freak

    Nov 21 2009 17:35

    Reply to FOG.com freak

    This is a reply to this comment of

    Thanks Aviallani

    Really helped

  21. LALALA

    Nov 22 2009 17:01

    Reply to LALALA

    Does anyone know how to beat lvl 3.

  22. christian

    Nov 22 2009 17:52

    Reply to christian

    how do i beat level 3??????

  23. sammy

    Nov 28 2009 00:12

    Reply to sammy

    aviallani u rock thnx so much!

  24. Autumn

    Dec 01 2009 01:01

    Reply to Autumn

    This is a reply to this comment of

    no kidding 2 is hard!!!

  25. Autumn

    Dec 01 2009 01:08

    Reply to Autumn

    put a ice cream store by their restraunt dont put a news stand by your place no one goes there it is a waist of your cha ching.

  26. abc

    Dec 01 2009 18:55

    Reply to abc

    how to beat level 5

  27. Achu

    Dec 03 2009 04:38

    Reply to Achu

    Hi Aviallani
    Thank you for your valuable comments. It really helped me to win. Thanks so much

  28. gabs

    Dec 03 2009 08:41

    Reply to gabs

    can someone pls help me with level 3

  29. vaibhav

    Dec 08 2009 09:11

    Reply to vaibhav

    awesome..i was working on level 4 for so many days..i could complete it finally..thanks a lot for ur advise :)

  30. mick478

    Dec 08 2009 19:04

    Reply to mick478

    man how you past lvl 2

  31. Help me

    Dec 11 2009 10:02

    Reply to Help me

    This is a reply to this comment of

    is it the same for the sushi bar?

  32. Wow

    Dec 13 2009 21:56

    Reply to Wow

    Thanks Aviallani It Works

    P.s. Now lvl 4

  33. red cap 00

    Dec 17 2009 01:00

    Reply to red cap 00

    level three is impossible :(- waaaaaaaaaaaaa

  34. alex

    Dec 18 2009 20:46

    Reply to alex

    cant beat level 1 :L lol

  35. kaliche

    Dec 20 2009 02:58

    Reply to kaliche

    i cant beat level 5 in the other levels only increase your service speed and buy the little ice cream stands

  36. ashley

    Dec 22 2009 18:58

    Reply to ashley

    This is a reply to this comment of

    2 is the easiest one

  37. brb

    Dec 25 2009 14:59

    Reply to brb

    level 4 is well hard!!!

  38. brb

    Dec 25 2009 15:16

    Reply to brb

    ty aviallani u rock now to do level 5!

  39. gosh

    Dec 30 2009 14:05

    Reply to gosh

    lvl 3 is so hard ..!! how to beat lvl 3 ?

  40. brolyst

    Jan 09 2010 18:21

    Reply to brolyst

    LvL 2 is kicking my butt i’mafraid to say...I’ve been using benches to slow the crowds but he still seems to be two to three steps ahead of me each time...In what order do you buy thins and place things

  41. guest12112

    Jan 16 2010 20:15

    Reply to guest12112


  42. Dani

    Feb 06 2010 17:22

    Reply to Dani

    How to beat level 3???

  43. Alice

    Feb 07 2010 02:27

    Reply to Alice

    Can anyone tell me how to beat level 3 please?

  44. prad

    Feb 23 2010 04:24

    Reply to prad


  45. confused

    Mar 07 2010 13:38

    Reply to confused

    can youu help me wit lvl 3

  46. unknown

    Mar 08 2010 16:36

    Reply to unknown

    LEVEL 2 PLEASE its the hardest game in the universe

  47. gamer78901234567

    Mar 15 2010 20:35

    Reply to gamer78901234567

    level 1 is hard

  48. * Only buy things that get you more seats.
    * Get an icecream stand as soon as you can; make sure that it is next to were people walk only.
    * Never let your serving speed get to slow.
    * Any time that you dont have enough money for something like the menu and stuff but, you have enough money for an employee or an icecream stand, get one of those.
    * Tuturiol~ If you are smart then, you should be able to pass this level!
    * Level 1~ * Get balloons.
    * Then, you should get a 50$ bonus, then, get the neon lights.
    * Your serving speed should be at slow, well, get an employee; you should have enough money for that.
    * Get a menu.
    * Before the day is over get another employee.
    * Get the music.
    * Get an icecream stand; put it in one of the middle slots.
    * Get an entrance; as long as you have an icecream stand, you don’t have to clean your resturaunt.
    * Get the bushes. Never get the security camera; even if you get robbed.
    * Get a live singer and get another employee.
    * Get the Country Menu.
    * Get another employee before the day is over.
    * Then, after that day is over get 2 more employees.
    * After the next day is over, get one more employee.
    * After the next day, get the TV Hall.
    * Get the Reception; after the next day.
    * Then, hurry up and get anything that you can!
    * You should have won the level.

  49. big3

    Mar 23 2010 18:27

    Reply to big3

    This is a reply to this comment of


  50. Thank You So Much!

    Mar 25 2010 00:13

    Reply to Thank You So Much!

    This is a reply to this comment of

    By the way, just to tell all you people that are stuck in diner city, you can use Aviallani’s method for all the levels!

    P.S. - Aviallani! Thank you for all the help! If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to finish diner city!

  51. XxBrokenSkaterGurlxX

    Mar 27 2010 19:23

    Reply to XxBrokenSkaterGurlxX

    Sue: OMG level 4 is crazy!!!! i’ve been taking your advice for about 2 days now (use the delivery guy when possible then by restaurant and another delivery guy) and i still cant do it! how did you pass the level? anyone else have suggestions??? im not giving up i really want to beat this game. please any help will do.

  52. How do you clean the restaurants? I keep pressing every-key in my power to clean, but it’s not working! Can someone please tell me?

  53. Never mind, I found out!

  54. Helloooooooo

    Apr 05 2010 21:46

    Reply to Helloooooooo

    This is a reply to this comment of

    Thanks soo much I finished the game, finally!!

  55. Rawr

    Apr 11 2010 04:37

    Reply to Rawr

    This is a reply to this comment of

    click the clean button right on the screan haha

  56. Rawr

    Apr 11 2010 04:38

    Reply to Rawr

    This is a reply to this comment of

    haha same i wanna get the stupid game over with

  57. coolio

    May 06 2010 00:04

    Reply to coolio

    This is a reply to this comment of


  58. joan

    May 14 2010 12:50

    Reply to joan

    This is a reply to this comment of

    thanx...with your help i managed to beat level 5 also..same method thanks

  59. bubbles 1234567

    May 16 2010 17:20

    Reply to bubbles 1234567

    how do you get past level 2 i cannot get past it its to HARD!!!!!!!!!lol:)

  60. Mike

    May 17 2010 20:43

    Reply to Mike

    I got to level 4. The trick is to by the other lots before the AI does. Also, the deliverer is a good upgrade

  61. bitoy

    May 26 2010 10:09

    Reply to bitoy

    its so easy just start with balloon then next day staff
    1.make sure your staff is always veryfast or super fast 2.always clean if you need though if you dont clean youll have half revenue prices (i think)
    3.add an ice cream near you (if people can reach it) or even in your opponent whats important is you get more money
    4.just upgrade while you have money
    5. if youve been earning almost half to 3000 in one day dont use your money(except if you need to clean) just wait for the next day to have 3000 to buy the restaurant
    the game was easy finished both restaurant(japan and burgers or something) (for me i like these kinds of games so its easy for me)

  62. orion33243

    May 30 2010 06:34

    Reply to orion33243

    I got to level 5

  63. Taurus322

    May 30 2010 07:22

    Reply to Taurus322

    I beat level 5

  64. alis553

    Jun 06 2010 17:44

    Reply to alis553

    This is a reply to this comment of

    Put News Stand Its easier and put it near your opponent so you can steal their customers

  65. HELP!!

    Jun 08 2010 19:00

    Reply to HELP!!

    I DID WHAT Aviallani SAID AND IT DIDN’T WORK!!!!!!!
    HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  66. jack

    Jul 03 2010 09:34

    Reply to jack

    help!! someone help me beat level 5

    july 03 2010 5:33

    reply to help!!

  67. chris

    Jul 28 2010 16:21

    Reply to chris

    This is a reply to this comment of

    Listen to Aviallani, couldn’t level 4 until i read the post. upgrade revenue not seats and you will fly through it. Buy the first row of revunue then save up for takeaway then save up for 2nd shop! Did level 5 straight away doing it that way aswell

  68. Katlin

    Aug 12 2010 04:58

    Reply to Katlin

    This is a reply to this comment of

    hey, did exactly what you said & it didn’t work. Help?

  69. Lindsay

    Oct 31 2010 13:15

    Reply to Lindsay

    Buy an employee before you buy the balloons!!
    Buy everything that DOESN’T increase your seat count to begin with: Buy bigger things first, that way it is quicker to buy the smaller things (balloons, lights etc) later. Keep your restaurant clean and use News stands and ice cram stands whenever you can, though preferably outside your own restaurant as sometimes if they are placed outside your competitor’s place then your customers will buy a newspaper or ice cream and go straight to your competitor!
    Delivery is awesome for boosting your revenue and you want your serving speed at least on fast: very fast or super fast is even better. Once you reach "super fast" serving speed, don’t buy any more staff as there is no other speed level and you’re just wasting your money.
    You don’t always need to buy all three properties: if your competitor beats you to it, just keep on investing in your current properties (you still need to have at least two otherwise you’re done for). Always aim for all three but if you just miss out, don’t sweat, you can still win :)
    Basically, keep it clean, fast and FUN :)

  70. James

    Dec 01 2010 03:16

    Reply to James

    This is such an easy game if you just dont buy anything that adds seats until you’ve bought all the revenue items and other spaces and icecream stands. I didnt fail any level.

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