Dragon Slayers 2

Dragon Slayers 2

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Another new tower defense game developed by UltimateFlashGame and sponsored by Addicting Games. The goal is to defend your castle from hordes of dragons attacking to your people! They are not only your only enemy but also your main food source! Kill them to earn gold, upgrade your castle and balista towers, gather food for your people and slay the dragons! Have fun!

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  1. soruman

    Dec 08 2009 00:38

    Reply to soruman

    I wrote some tips for frequently searched questions about the game.

    Click to Cheats/Tips located at the top of this comments section...

  2. Tre

    Dec 08 2009 19:31

    Reply to Tre

    Thanks for your tips on getting past level 15. It worked!

    What do I need to do in order to pass level 25? Do I need archers? I tried with them, but they did not seem to do anything. I added more mages, but again, no luck. I’ve been as high as 70 carpenters, still with no success.

  3. soruman

    Dec 09 2009 00:11

    Reply to soruman

    I was just restart playing the game after your comment, but you already done with that level. (I read your post on cheats/tips section).

    In that post you said that your buy button stopped functioning. I am on level 24 now, and can’t buy Balista Crew anymore (I already bought 10), there must be a limit on them but it doesn’t show it as max, just won’t allow you to buy more.

  4. soruman

    Dec 09 2009 01:04

    Reply to soruman

    I passed 35 and like Tre I can’t recuit any new people!

  5. mike

    Dec 09 2009 04:30

    Reply to mike

    i’m on level 45. How do i beat this??? I’ve got 93 carpenters and 50 everything else.

  6. Tre

    Dec 09 2009 18:39

    Reply to Tre

    Hey Soru, I figured it out. In order to recruit more people, you have to have enough food available. So, use the import food option and then you can get more carpenters and mages. I have not, however, found a way to get more than 10 on the ballista crew. I’m up to 15 on the hauler crew now, which is more than enough.

  7. Tre

    Dec 09 2009 21:38

    Reply to Tre

    Mike - You need a lot more carpenters at level 45 and you should use several magicians as well. I’m sure I had about 250 carpenters and about 30 each of the magicians.

  8. Tre

    Dec 09 2009 21:44

    Reply to Tre

    Also, I didn’t notice it at 25 or 35, but at level 45, the big dragon DOES kill off a lot of your men. I lost about half my carpenters and over half my mages as well, but we still beat him and it wasn’t really that hard. I beat back the first wave of black dragons with force and then used the power of the gods for the second wave. After that, it wasn’t too hard to kill off the rest and send him away.

  9. Tre

    Dec 09 2009 21:51

    Reply to Tre

    Last thing for now...I’m up to level 48, but still haven’t built the archer tower, nor seen the use for it.

  10. David

    Dec 09 2009 22:27

    Reply to David

    the way you pass it is when the balls get near your castle just shoot directly towards the sky without pulling your arrows (just click)

  11. Simo

    Dec 09 2009 22:48

    Reply to Simo

    im stuck on level 45 and i keep laying arrows into the dragon. i have 60 arcers, 60 ice mages, 60 fire mages, and 90 carpenters. and of course the maxed out balista and maxed out castle, any tips?

  12. Buddy

    Dec 10 2009 03:46

    Reply to Buddy

    This is a reply to this comment of

    Level 50

  13. Tre

    Dec 10 2009 05:53

    Reply to Tre

    Simo - Go buy a *lot* more carpenters. I went into that level with about 250 and came out with only 120-130. They get killed off by those huge fireballs. Did you build the altar?

    David - absolutely! A max upgraded ballista knocks those balls right out. HATED those things on level 25, tho.

  14. Tre

    Dec 10 2009 13:31

    Reply to Tre

    Up to level 66 now. It’s pretty repetitive at this point, but I’m still having fun. I don’t know that it’ll get hard again, but the levels take longer to complete. Also, make sure to have plenty of gold on hand for the boss levels now, because you have to pay for all your food on those as you can’t collect any.

  15. Fred

    Dec 10 2009 21:02

    Reply to Fred

    How do you beat lvl 14

  16. juu

    Dec 11 2009 01:34

    Reply to juu

    what does the altar of gods do?

  17. ian

    Dec 11 2009 01:49

    Reply to ian

    what does offering to the gods do?

  18. fdsh

    Dec 11 2009 01:53

    Reply to fdsh

    This is a reply to this comment of

    shoot shoot shoot

  19. soruman

    Dec 11 2009 09:29

    Reply to soruman

    This is a reply to this comment of

    By offering some food to gods using the altar of gods you can kill all the dragons on the screen (except the boss).

    Because you can only make the offer once per level, you should use it only on emergency situations...

  20. nate

    Dec 11 2009 22:40

    Reply to nate

    This is a reply to this comment of

    i think thats just because you don’t have enough food

  21. Tre

    Dec 12 2009 11:10

    Reply to Tre

    Level 85 may be impossible for me. It took so long to get back to positive gold that I cannot afford but a few more carpenters. The lightning strikes kill off over half my men and ultimately, I’m unable to defend the castle, despite taking 0 hits from the little black dragons. May be time for me to find a new game. :)

  22. Joseph

    Dec 13 2009 21:47

    Reply to Joseph

    what does the ballista crew do?
    because when I got some, nothing seemed to happen at all

  23. kiki

    Dec 15 2009 12:09

    Reply to kiki

    This is a reply to this comment of

    What does the alter to the gods do?
    Do you even need it?
    What good does getting all the food do?

  24. David

    Dec 15 2009 23:19

    Reply to David

    How is babby formed?

  25. soruman

    Dec 16 2009 00:37

    Reply to soruman

    Balista crew will increase your Balista speed, you can charge it faster...

    It is like a superweapon thay you can use once per level, it kills all the dragons on the screen. Just offer some food using alter of gods before you start a level, and click it (It is on the sea, next your castle) when you need it.

  26. Tre

    Dec 16 2009 00:37

    Reply to Tre

    J - The crew enable you to shoot more quickly.

    K - Kills all the dragons (except boss) on a screen. Use it wisely. You have to have food to feed your men and you need LOTS of men at the higher levels. Collect all the food you can.

  27. help101

    Dec 18 2009 17:37

    Reply to help101

    how do you get past the boss on level 15 this is a really good game if i could beat level 15

  28. monkey man

    Dec 20 2009 13:09

    Reply to monkey man

    ya, its really hard to beat lv 15

  29. Mark

    Dec 20 2009 18:26

    Reply to Mark

    Level 75 - 160 Carpenters, 120 archers, 40 ice/fire.. 2,021,999 gold.. Level 75 is pretty tough.. Should I keep going?

  30. need help

    Dec 21 2009 00:50

    Reply to need help

    how do you beat lvl 14 need help.

  31. Tre

    Dec 21 2009 18:29

    Reply to Tre

    Does anyone have a clue about the archers yet?

    Do they just stand in the tower and fake it?

  32. kitkat

    Dec 21 2009 22:27

    Reply to kitkat

    hey how do i avoid upkeep

  33. kitkat

    Dec 21 2009 22:37

    Reply to kitkat

    when does this game end? im on level 51

  34. Tre

    Dec 22 2009 12:15

    Reply to Tre

    KK - You have to pay upkeep if you don’t have enough food for all your men.

    Not sure how far it goes, but it does get a little harder later. ;)

  35. Tre

    Dec 22 2009 14:07

    Reply to Tre

    They added a LOT more food (and maybe gold, too?), so now you can get to the higher levels with more food and cash, making it easier. I can’t wait to try level 85 with the newfound wealth. I’m on level 61 now, with about 40,000 food and over 2 million gold.

  36. marco esguerra

    Dec 22 2009 19:36

    Reply to marco esguerra

    This is a reply to this comment of

    you have to buy a carpenters guild before lv 15 and have up to three simultanoes arrows like ten carpinters

  37. goldybobblehead

    Dec 23 2009 01:03

    Reply to goldybobblehead

    Tre, ever get past level 85? I started with 300 carpenters, and ended with 135, but it was not too hard. Starting at level 86 and going through at least level 91, it has been all green dragons, so easy and gathering 6K+ food per level

  38. goldybobblehead

    Dec 23 2009 01:09

    Reply to goldybobblehead

    I was past level 70 and took a break last week. Come back to see that instead of 10 food per dragon, it is up to 50. That makes the game much easier. I don’t think they added more gold, but that could be.

  39. pete

    Dec 23 2009 15:01

    Reply to pete

    how do you get past level 35???

  40. goldybobblehead

    Dec 23 2009 16:59

    Reply to goldybobblehead

    Level 85 is the last boss I think. 95 and 105 don’t have one. 86-100 was only green dragons, and 101-106 was all flying dragon types but no swimmers.

    For any boss, you need enough carpenters to withstand attack as they die throughout the level. most important is to kill any dragons or bubbles before they inflict damage.

  41. Tre

    Dec 23 2009 23:48

    Reply to Tre

    Gold - I actually started over and with the new updates, it’s so much easier to build up an enormous pot of gold and food stores. I just passed Level 65 and expect the next 20 to be pretty easy. 6K food per level, dayum! :) The food thing makes a huge difference and at Level 60-something, I already had 2 million in gold.
    Thanks for the later-level info!

  42. guy hope

    Dec 24 2009 00:22

    Reply to guy hope

    This is a reply to this comment of


  43. Sinister

    Dec 25 2009 18:03

    Reply to Sinister

    what is "recruit ballista crew"
    i started playing today and ive gotten to level 16 but i ran out of gold and did not have enough gold and couldnt beat the red dragons cuz i had no ice mages.

  44. sara

    Dec 25 2009 19:34

    Reply to sara

    is it necessary to buy any ballister crew before level 15?

  45. roja

    Dec 26 2009 05:12

    Reply to roja

    what the heck does the arching tower do?

  46. johnny p

    Dec 29 2009 11:21

    Reply to johnny p

    This game was easly once you read the tips above, sitting on level 61 and bored.

    I see the next challenge is lack of food but I can’t handle the repetition.

    Thanks for the advice and have fun gaming!

  47. jon

    Dec 31 2009 06:27

    Reply to jon

    the archer towers do work. They will take out all the sea monsters for you. I think the priority for their firing is the sea monsters then dragons. they will not kill the green creatures that shoot lightning, but will kill everything else.

  48. Steve Russel

    Dec 31 2009 18:30

    Reply to Steve Russel

    I did it with 30 fire and ice mages, 60 archers and 200 carpenters, he will end up killing a lot of your carpenters but at least you kill him.

  49. AWDSF

    Jan 10 2010 18:42

    Reply to AWDSF

    How many levels?

  50. master

    Jan 24 2010 00:53

    Reply to master

    450 carpenters, 100 mages of each 30 archers, and everything is max... leve61, last boss was easy

  51. levelv4

    Jan 24 2010 16:33

    Reply to levelv4

    How many levels are there? I’m on 97 and no end is in sight...

  52. steelman

    Jan 27 2010 00:12

    Reply to steelman

    This is a reply to this comment of

    Try getting food.

  53. JJ

    Jan 27 2010 23:21

    Reply to JJ

    Level 150 is impossible. How do you beat 3 bosses?

  54. gamer

    Jan 28 2010 01:47

    Reply to gamer

    for the lvl 25 boss should i get mages archers and carpenters or shall i just get carpenter and mages??

  55. winner

    Jan 31 2010 05:50

    Reply to winner

    I am at level 47 now and going ok. I usually save every level or two. I have 170 carpenters and 40 of each mages. I am also at 75 archers and everything else is maxed out. I dont have any problems with the levels until i get to a boss. Someone please tell what levels they are on. So i can add more carpenters. That is the key i learned.

  56. bob

    Feb 14 2010 02:31

    Reply to bob

    how do u beat the boss on lvl 15 ive tried almost everything like upgrading my crossbow to lvl 4 and upgraded the tower to the max what else am i supposed to do?

  57. godly

    Feb 19 2010 00:35

    Reply to godly

    This is a reply to this comment of

    level 125 has a boss... impossible to beat

  58. Poop

    Feb 19 2010 09:44

    Reply to Poop

    This game is so fun, but it is getting so boring and so long. I’m at level 46 with 313 carpenters and 115 archers. Practically invinsible, I can’t see myself getting past lvl 50 before stopping.

  59. Morbid

    Mar 01 2010 15:09

    Reply to Morbid

    What do the mages even do? What is the diff between ice and fire?

  60. Harjinder

    Mar 27 2010 05:53

    Reply to Harjinder

    Food is the main problem when you reach level 65+ i have a debt of -1794049 as a result

  61. don’t be fooled

    Mar 29 2010 16:10

    Reply to don’t be fooled

    There’s no boss at level 125. I played through 86-127 levels of ABSOLUTE BOREDOM because some idiot claim there’s a boss. I hope this warning will help others not to waste anymore time.

    Last boss was found at lvl 85, but it was already very boring with the among of carpenters one can afford at this stage.

  62. distracted

    Mar 29 2010 16:29

    Reply to distracted

    This is a reply to this comment of

    I found the mages are of very limited use. The fire mages cause real damages while the ice mage only slow down the dragons without causing them any hurt.

    Take note that no matter fire or ice mages, they will generally affect only the "lesser dragons" as the "higher dragons" are immune to magic.

    Summary, mages have very limited pratical use. Personally, I’ll keep no more than 20 of each.

    As a side note, there don’t seem to have anymore boss after level 85.

  63. Andy t

    Mar 30 2010 19:19

    Reply to Andy t

    WHat do archers do...?

  64. distracted

    Apr 01 2010 18:42

    Reply to distracted

    This is a reply to this comment of

    archers are really simple... they shoot down dragons that come close to the tower... AUTOMATICALLY. They don’t seems to have effect on the bosses, and no effect on those disgusting "Star-Fish dragons" too.

    I was playing around a bit and it seems like there’s no further improvement after about 40-50 archers... just for fun, I got 999 archers but the dragons seems to die at the same rate like 40 archers. Try and see if you got different result.

  65. distracted

    Apr 01 2010 19:27

    Reply to distracted

    This is a reply to this comment of

    another great thing about archers is that they can shoot at dragons which are blocked behind those disgusting "Star-fish dragons".

  66. blergin

    Apr 07 2010 00:25

    Reply to blergin


  67. blergin

    Apr 07 2010 00:27

    Reply to blergin

    also how do you beat 14? that stupid giant dragon just shoots his laser over and over and I die

  68. chase

    Apr 07 2010 02:38

    Reply to chase

    This is a reply to this comment of

    get a crap load of carpenters once at 150 you are invencibale!!!

  69. jo

    Apr 10 2010 15:11

    Reply to jo

    This is a reply to this comment of

    thay shoot the dragons in the water

  70. john

    Apr 17 2010 08:36

    Reply to john

    This is a reply to this comment of

    upgrade your balista and balista crew, and keep on shooting the dragon

  71. trinity

    Apr 17 2010 18:36

    Reply to trinity

    Cannot get more then 10 ballista crew no matter how much food I buy. IS this the max ballista crew you are able to buy???????

  72. telesticks

    May 05 2010 20:09

    Reply to telesticks

    This is a reply to this comment of

    another note about the mange. Dragons that they kill do not become food. i noticed this once i had completed level 35. to that point i was only adding carpenters. i now have over 300, but once i got up to 20 of each mange my food production plummeted and i could not build up any gold. i think they’re related.


    May 06 2010 00:52

    Reply to MMA FREIK

    level 60, max castle, max ballista, max hauler spped, 10 ballista crew, 25 hauler crew, 677 carpenters, 50 fire mages, 50 ice mages, 60 archers with alter. lol also how many levels are there?

  74. Dionic

    May 11 2010 23:42

    Reply to Dionic

    I have alter of gods, and i understand that I need enough food to offer to it. but how do I activate alter of gods when I need it?

  75. jake

    May 14 2010 08:57

    Reply to jake

    how many levels please?

  76. lando yea lando

    May 17 2010 21:23

    Reply to lando yea lando

    how do i cheat on it with cheat engine 5.6 ?

    PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  77. awsome77

    Jun 09 2010 23:50

    Reply to awsome77

    This is a reply to this comment of

    get the altar of gods to get rid of excess dragons

  78. awesome77

    Jun 10 2010 00:37

    Reply to awesome77

    This is a reply to this comment of

    one every 10, i think

  79. awsome77

    Jun 10 2010 00:38

    Reply to awsome77

    This is a reply to this comment of

    i think it goes forever

  80. Bleh...

    Sep 22 2010 21:16

    Reply to Bleh...

    At level 126 now.... 225 each archers and carpenters, balista crew maxed out, 36 each of the magi... wouldnt even need to fire if not for the lightening dragons. 3.5+ million gold, 100K+ food... Getting boring, any more bosses to defeat?

  81. lsdfkj

    Sep 26 2010 20:28

    Reply to lsdfkj

    This is a reply to this comment of

    no there isn’t, asshole.

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