Dummy Never Fails

Dummy Never Fails

Genre(s): Puzzle Games, Added by : soruman, Apr 25 2010 15:20,
Tags : puzzle, physics, physics based, ragdoll

Dummy Never Fails is a new physics based puzzle/ragdoll game created by Israel Alvarez Carrion and Xavier Heras Division, the Tanoku team. The goal of the game is to throw dummies to the target without causing too much pain. There are a total of 52 levels which took about 10-15 minutes to complete. The difficulty is a bit low. It makes the game boring after playing a while. If you are a puzzle lover, you may find the game lame, but if you also like ragdoll games it is a good game for your spare time. Good luck & have fun!

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  1. trey

    May 04 2010 01:29

    Reply to trey

    Im stuck on level number 51.So help pls!!

  2. Dan

    May 07 2010 14:48

    Reply to Dan

    Just try and arc the dummy through trey, if you keep making slight adjustments every time it will work eventually.

  3. Bart

    May 08 2010 10:17

    Reply to Bart

    Lvl. 50

  4. Shawn

    May 11 2010 15:15

    Reply to Shawn

    I am stuck on level 43

  5. Shawn

    May 11 2010 15:16

    Reply to Shawn

    This is a reply to this comment of

    How do you get past level 43

  6. bob

    May 12 2010 03:08

    Reply to bob

    i have finished but i need help getin skins anyone help?

  7. robert

    May 13 2010 16:13

    Reply to robert

    I have finished tell me how to get more skins

  8. kid

    May 13 2010 17:21

    Reply to kid

    48!! help

  9. nightraven3

    May 14 2010 16:03

    Reply to nightraven3

    does anyone know any cheats for dummy never fails

  10. nightraven3

    May 14 2010 16:05

    Reply to nightraven3

    This is a reply to this comment of

    what skins do you have

  11. Dani

    May 17 2010 01:32

    Reply to Dani

    Complete the game but I do not get just a skin, you could tell me how to get the underneath of the Soldier?

  12. has

    May 21 2010 16:41

    Reply to has

    how al this mens

  13. has

    May 21 2010 16:42

    Reply to has

    This is a reply to this comment of

    its very nice

  14. john never fails

    May 22 2010 16:56

    Reply to john never fails

    How do you get past level 43

  15. zord269

    May 22 2010 22:29

    Reply to zord269

    This is a reply to this comment of

    visite tanoko page during the game
    refresh 10 times the game after putting play

  16. Elliot

    May 23 2010 12:41

    Reply to Elliot

    This is a reply to this comment of

    I am stuck on level 51 too

  17. Elliot

    May 23 2010 12:47

    Reply to Elliot

    This is a reply to this comment of

    hit the stick to make the box slip to the tip and then shoot dummys off the corner and it will evenchuily hit

  18. Joda dad

    May 30 2010 10:33

    Reply to Joda dad

    This is a reply to this comment of

    If you want all the skins type in DUMMYNEVERWINS at the start

  19. Dummy

    May 30 2010 10:39

    Reply to Dummy

    -clear a level on level edit
    -play this game 10 times
    -shoot 10 dummies after you completed a level
    -shoot 10,20,100,500,666 dummies
    -click: mute,Tonuka,
    -get a pain of 999999999 in a level

    If you like These skin codes. it is a pleasure

  20. Dummy

    May 30 2010 11:09

    Reply to Dummy

    First of all you must get your aim until you get it right. Then click retry(R)and do it on the same place as before

  21. tiny guy

    Jun 02 2010 22:33

    Reply to tiny guy

    This is a reply to this comment of

    throw a dummy through the first hole(before the thruster) it will fly up in the other hole. then throw another dummy for the thruster.
    Bam! you are done

  22. josh

    Jun 04 2010 17:42

    Reply to josh

    i have all the skins apart from the last ??????????? one

  23. towel

    Jun 04 2010 18:45

    Reply to towel

    How do you beat level 48? it’s impossible!

  24. Abel

    Jun 16 2010 15:46

    Reply to Abel

    the game is soo easy. jsut had a liddle prob on hte last lvl. like a damn rainbow -,-. but how do i save mazes or puzzles w/e u wood call it.

  25. Brianna

    Jun 26 2010 19:10

    Reply to Brianna

    I’m stuck on level 48! I keep hitting the ball, I can’t get to the target before it drops!! Please help me. Help the needy.

  26. Brianna

    Jun 26 2010 19:16

    Reply to Brianna

    I igured out level 48. Aim at the ball and shoot 4 times. Then, one of the hands on a dummy will touch the target. (;~)>

  27. girl

    Jun 28 2010 21:06

    Reply to girl

    This is a reply to this comment of

    ask a boy named r.j

  28. girl

    Jun 28 2010 21:09

    Reply to girl

    how do i do level 51

  29. skin collector

    Jul 12 2010 22:32

    Reply to skin collector

    I finished the game now I need all the skins<<<<<.....SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE.......>>>>>

  30. karim jaroudi

    Jul 30 2010 18:58

    Reply to karim jaroudi

    this game is one of the easiest i have played i have won it all and unlocked all the skins

  31. tyler

    Oct 02 2010 19:52

    Reply to tyler

    wow this game is soooooo easy

  32. Jake

    Nov 21 2010 14:10

    Reply to Jake

    This is a reply to this comment of

    you go down the stairs and make another dummy hit the ball pushing the target and you fly p and touch it

  33. juicy

    Mar 03 2011 01:04

    Reply to juicy

    someone im HORNY

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