Earth Onslaught

Earth Onslaught

Genre(s): Strategy Games, Action Games, Added by : soruman, Mar 12 2010 21:07,
Tags : strategy, action, arcadebomb, small farm studio

Earth Onslaught is a new superb action strategy game developed by small farm studios and sponsored by arcade bomb. "Help Captain Samael to man earths last inter-orbit defence station and hold off the poor speaking Bhal Zaggoth and his evil alien forces." Earth Onslaught is a real entertainment with its good looking graphic arts and tons of upgrades. The difficult of the game is well balanced, not too easy and not too hard. It is a defence based shooter game that also includes some strategy elements on choosing the right upgrades and recruiting the right units.

The large number of shortcuts may be confusing at start, but as you go further you will notice that you won't need all of them. 


Use your mouse to aim, press your left mouse button to open fire.
Press 1,2,3,4 keys to select weapons.
Spawn new troops (when purchased) using the hotkeys at the bottom (Q,W,E,R,T,Y,U,etc..)

Good luck & have fun!

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