Fat Slice

Fat Slice

Genre(s): Puzzle Games, Added by : soruman, Feb 25 2010 02:33,
Tags : puzzle

Fat Slice is a cleverly designed puzzle game in which you begin to slice off pieces of a shape, facing obstacles in the way, all the while with balls bouncing around inside you must contain and serve to distract and obstruct your path! Good luck & have fun!

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  1. serag

    Mar 31 2010 21:55

    Reply to serag

    up up down down left right left right b a

    that cheat of fat slice game

  2. soruman

    Mar 31 2010 23:33

    Reply to soruman

    This is a reply to this comment of

    serag, thank you for this April Fools Day joke. :)

    If you are stuck on any level, I can provide a video for that level...

  3. lola

    Apr 12 2010 01:22

    Reply to lola

    how is the spider level passed

  4. soruman

    Apr 12 2010 21:31

    Reply to soruman

    That one is really hard, I can only make it with 18 slices... :S

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