Flood Fill

Flood Fill

Genre(s): Puzzle Games, Added by : soruman, Oct 27 2009 18:17,
Tags : puzzle, addicting

Flood Fill is a new puzzle game with simple graphics but with a great game experience. It is just the type of puzzle game that I like the most. It is not tiring but relaxing. Unfortunately it is a bit too short. Your object is easy, fill each of the piece of the puzzle with one of the 4 available colors. Don't let pieces of the same colour touch/share a side. (Circles doesn't count as a side). Try and use as few colors as possible when solving a level. Many of them can be completed in 3 or less. Have fun!

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Solutions for all levels with gold stars.

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  1. soruman

    Oct 28 2009 21:52

    Reply to soruman

    I’ve completed all the levels.
    If you need help on any level just leave a comment or fill out the contact form at the top of the page to request a video solution for that level.

  2. Ashley

    Oct 29 2009 14:13

    Reply to Ashley

    need walkthrough for level 14

  3. soruman

    Oct 29 2009 15:26

    Reply to soruman

    Ashley, i’ve uploaded a screenshot for the solution. Just fill the last empty space with purple and you are done.

    Solution of Level 14

  4. Maja

    Oct 29 2009 17:42

    Reply to Maja

    Hi, I really could use a walkthrough to level 15. I reallt don’t think any of the colours are touching, but obviously I’m terrible wrong.


  5. soruman

    Oct 29 2009 18:28

    Reply to soruman

    Hey Maja, I’ll upload an image just in 10 minutes, meanwhile you may upload a screen capture to imageshack or somewhere else and send me the link, so i can check if where they are touching...

  6. soruman

    Oct 29 2009 18:33

    Reply to soruman

    I said ten minutes, but it is ready after a min :) Added it to the walkthroughs section. Click to the walkthrough tab above...

    You still have 5 minutes to beat, have fun!

  7. questioner

    Oct 30 2009 03:54

    Reply to questioner

    i cant find a way to get gold on the last level and thats all i need

  8. questioner

    Oct 30 2009 05:07

    Reply to questioner

    nvm on that last comment i left the page open and then i went back to it and in three moves i got it in three colors

  9. kren

    Nov 01 2009 19:11

    Reply to kren

    how about level 18 and onward? i beat it but need gold for all levels after 18 (including level 18 itself.

  10. Kren

    Nov 01 2009 19:14

    Reply to Kren

    how to get gold on 18, 19, and 20? i cant figure it out, help!

  11. Kren

    Nov 01 2009 19:23

    Reply to Kren

    This is a reply to this comment of

    nevermind my comment, i solved the last 3 levels with 3 colors by myself. thanks for nothing, @$$h0l3!

  12. Wheelnut

    Nov 02 2009 15:45

    Reply to Wheelnut

    Level 7 seems impossible to do in three colors, yet I can’t get a gold when I use four... can anyone help me? please?

  13. soruman

    Nov 02 2009 16:10

    Reply to soruman

    This is the solution you are looking for...

    Fill the last empty space with green and you are done. At first I also though that it is impossible, but made it after a few tries...

  14. soruman

    Nov 02 2009 16:29

    Reply to soruman

    Oh sorry, that was level 16. I am going to check level 7 now...

  15. soruman

    Nov 02 2009 16:36

    Reply to soruman

    @Whellnut, you are right it is impossible to solve it with three colors. But you get the gold if you use the 4th color only once.

    Try it again using this tip, or I may send a screenshot of level 7 if you want...

  16. soruman

    Nov 02 2009 19:36

    Reply to soruman

    I made a solution guide for all levels, all with gold stars. Have fun!

    Click for FloodFill Level Solutions

  17. sum1

    Nov 08 2009 22:51

    Reply to sum1

    i know i dont have an account, but lvl 7 is 100% gold possible

  18. eish

    Jan 26 2010 23:40

    Reply to eish

    help with level 17

  19. soruman

    Jan 27 2010 01:50

    Reply to soruman


    Help is available here...

  20. laneydel

    Apr 17 2010 20:32

    Reply to laneydel

    This is a reply to this comment of

    i beat all the levels but i wanna get the gold star on all of them. i can get all except for level 18. mind helping?? (=

  21. mee

    Aug 02 2010 23:19

    Reply to mee

    i need help with level 10

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