Fly Hard with DM

Fly Hard with DM

Genre(s): Arcade Games, Added by : soruman, Dec 19 2009 13:48,
Tags : arcade, launcher,

Help Druce Millis 'fly hard' and build the best rocket collecting as many diamonds as you can in flight. Improve your rocket buying upgrades and save the earth!  Use your left and right arrowkeys tosteer rocket. Hold the spacebar to accelerate. The survival mode is unlocked when game is complete, and has global hi-scores enabled. And remember that you will get stronger as you fail! Have fun!

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  1. paddy

    Jan 07 2010 01:55

    Reply to paddy

    this is an awsome game
    hit the planes 5 times and the helis
    also the satalites and ufos for money

  2. MADness

    Mar 06 2010 02:44

    Reply to MADness

    fun game

  3. £Jack£

    Jun 27 2010 15:47

    Reply to £Jack£

    it is awsome get it all for an amazein ride

  4. CHLOE

    Jun 27 2010 15:48

    Reply to CHLOE


  5. mick

    Sep 22 2010 18:36

    Reply to mick


  6. wtf

    Sep 22 2010 18:37

    Reply to wtf

    why u play this game!

    come play runescape!!!

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