Fortress Guardian 2

Fortress Guardian 2

Genre(s): Action Games, Added by : soruman, Apr 08 2010 22:29,
Tags :, fps, pyrozen

Fortress Guardian 2 is the sequel to the first Fortress Guardian game. If you never played the first game, it is a first person shooter in which you try to stop the evil force menacing your village. Your goal is to protect the city against these abominable creatures with various weapons. Use your accumulated money to upgrade your weapons or your skills, or to buy extra ammunition. When I played the first game two months ago I thought that it is great, but can't say the same for this second installment. Actually it is better than the first game in terms of graphics and a bit more challenging cause it is much more harder, but nothing more. The same type of weapons, the same defence tower and the same game play. Anyway, if you like the first game, you should also check this out. Good luck & have fun!

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P.S. You can activate the cheat console by pressing C key while you are on upgrade panel.

Use the cheats  in Walkthrough/Hints/Cheats section above the comments.

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  1. ryan

    Apr 09 2010 12:20

    Reply to ryan

    bugged after wave 5.

  2. shawn

    Apr 24 2010 04:53

    Reply to shawn

    Same here.. its a fun game though

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