Galactic Colonization

Galactic Colonization

Genre(s): Strategy Games, Added by : soruman, Nov 07 2009 01:03,
Tags : strategy

Galactic Colonization is an addicting game of strategy and defense. On each galaxy (level) you start with one planet and conquer all the others. The main idea of the game is easy, but it starts to be challenging on later levels. After a bad start, i got stuck on level 4, tried it several times but couldn't beat it. Then I restart the game and found a better strategy which I am going to state on the tips section below. Do you have what it takes to conquer the universe? Let the colonization begin!

Have fun!

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Galactic Colonization Level 8 - The Kalgan Galaxy Video

Galactic Colonization Level 9 - The Utrykin Galaxy Video

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  1. Jacob

    Dec 11 2009 11:46

    Reply to Jacob

    Yeah, i cant beat lvl 4 either, its impossable i think..annoying as hell because their ships are so damn powerful its impossable to beat

  2. soruman

    Dec 11 2009 12:29

    Reply to soruman

    This is a reply to this comment of

    Jacob, it would be easier if you purchase all upgrades on previous levels...

  3. soruman

    Dec 11 2009 13:04

    Reply to soruman

    Just played the game again to give some detailed tips...

    On the first three levels capture the planets before the enemy to get the money bonus! Attacking the planets right after the enemy is a good strategy for that. Then wait long enough to earn the money to purchase all the upgrades.

    Having all the health & power upgrades is enough for level 4, however it would be easier to beat later levels if you have all the upgrades.

  4. anon

    Dec 12 2009 16:11

    Reply to anon

    Any suggestions for lvl 9? I don’t even understand HOW to buy a turret. It doesn’t let me, but it does let me upgrade them.

  5. soruman

    Dec 13 2009 03:16

    Reply to soruman

    You should select a planet before buying a turret. BE AWARE that turret (or other planet defense) upgrades only last for 1 level...

  6. soruman

    Dec 13 2009 04:03

    Reply to soruman

    Actually this is an old game, I’ve added it about one month ago but it started to be popular in the last 2 days...

    It must be because just added the game.

    Could any of the new players tell me where you find this game?

  7. Leafs_Fan

    Dec 13 2009 16:10

    Reply to Leafs_Fan

    I can’t beat level 9 either.
    All enemy planets start with defenses so I get demolished right away

  8. Jeff

    Dec 14 2009 00:02

    Reply to Jeff

    Okay, the second to last level...I’m fully upgraded and the opponents build defenses so quickly the best I could do was defeat 2 opponents. After that, it was a stalemate with the remaining opponents so fortified that if I attacked they would get stronger since MY ships turned into THEIR ships with the multiple logic weapons they had....They add lasers and logic weapons so fast, I don’t make enough resources to build things a 10th as fast as they do.

  9. soruman

    Dec 14 2009 00:46

    Reply to soruman


    First get all of the small planets and leave their main planets until you own all of the small ones.

    Then attack them one by one from all of your planets! The others may attack some of your planets but it is easy to get them back!

    Their main planets are strong on defence, turrets and logic displacers, therefore you should attack them from as much planets as possible! If you make simultaneous attacks from many planets their logic displacers can’t handle all of your ships.

  10. Jeff

    Dec 14 2009 01:14

    Reply to Jeff

    Thanks Soruman. I’ll try it again. I only attacked from maybe 6-8 planets and not all of them.

  11. tommy

    Dec 14 2009 16:47

    Reply to tommy

    my upgrade of turrets doesnt work either! I can only upgrade shields! why is this?

  12. soruman

    Dec 14 2009 19:35

    Reply to soruman

    All of the turret upgrades are global and affecting all your current turrents and the future ones in that level. However you should purchase the shield upgrads on a planet basis.

    On me, there are no problems with turret upgrades, they are available if I have enough money.

  13. Jeff

    Dec 14 2009 20:09

    Reply to Jeff

    Same problem here. I defeated all the levels but wanted to play around with adding turrets, lasers and logic virus things, but...could only add the shield. I was able to upgrade the laser and turrets etc, but not add them to any planets....I tried big planets, little planets, my original luck (at least on the last level)

  14. soruman

    Dec 14 2009 20:14

    Reply to soruman

    Strange, I can buy all kinds of turrets on all my planets!

    Where do you play it? That might be a buggy version, try playin the one hosted here...

  15. Jeff

    Dec 15 2009 12:44

    Reply to Jeff

    Playing from Addicting Games....I’ll try here. One thing to add, I believe I added a laser one time on like level 4 with no problem. The last level is the only other level I tried to add anything other than the shield and that’s where I couldn’t add anything. Thanks!

  16. Jeff

    Dec 15 2009 12:56

    Reply to Jeff

    This is definitely an older OR different version. In the version linked to Addicting games you can double click your planet and stop the stream of ships. This version I cannot stop half of my ships from leaving. The other version lets me send 1 or 2 ships if desired...BUT there seems to be a problem buying stuff in later levels. Also, those level 8 and level 9 videos here...I’ve never seen those systems. They look completly different.

  17. soruman

    Dec 15 2009 16:27

    Reply to soruman

    Thanks for reminding me about the difference Jeff, I am going to check the one on addicting games. I am happy to hear that there are new levels on that one! :)

  18. soruman

    Dec 15 2009 17:20

    Reply to soruman

    i played it on addicting games, you are right there is a bug with the turret purchases, i can’t buy any turrets either...

  19. TwitchOSX

    Dec 16 2009 00:16

    Reply to TwitchOSX

    So.... I played it on Addicting Games but then played here. I followed some advice here and finally got to level 9 but it’s impossible. I start out and get 3 or 4 smaller planets but by then, the others are attacking me and I cant do jack squat to them because that have super defenses right off the bat which is a fricken crock if you ask me.

  20. Hokunda

    Dec 16 2009 01:11

    Reply to Hokunda

    I defeated all levels. The strategy worked for me:
    - Max all ship upgrades on the first 3 levels. (Takes approximately 2 hours) Without this you will fail level 4.
    - Wait until the computer goes for a planet colonization. Go right after it and colonize the planet before computer starting planet reaches 12 colonist. You get the 1000 reward.
    - The computer now goes for the next planet to colonize. Go for it again. Use this strategy for all available grey planets you can get.
    - Now comes the luck. If you are lucky the computers will attack each other and you can win. If you are not lucky computers attack you and you fail miserably. (You have approx 40% chance to win at this point.)
    - Now you have a population advantage, so start defeating the planets without defense, then the planets without force shield (turrets are ok), then start conquering the rest from the least defended to the most defended one.
    - If you receive an overwhelming attack, buy a force shield. Just before the shield fails, upgrade it.
    - Always attack from all of your planets and start your ships to arrive at the same time. If you are attacked meanwile, just reroute some ships and keep defending (or buy a shield if it worthes it).
    - Never loose your starting planet. (Your enemy conquers it and immediately builds a force shield, and you are beaten.)
    - pop max: small 200, medium 300, large 500

  21. krazykraz

    Dec 16 2009 04:55

    Reply to krazykraz

    how do you beat level 4 on the version?

  22. Am I stupid?

    Dec 17 2009 03:41

    Reply to Am I stupid?

    I can’t even beat level 1...

  23. Hokunda

    Dec 17 2009 13:27

    Reply to Hokunda

    This is a reply to this comment of

    I tried the game on
    I used the strategy I described earlier. I was able to win level 4. All the upgrades you do after waiting 2-3 hours on level 1 will remain in the whole game.
    I completed easily the first 8 levels. No challenge.

    Level 1 you can beat with the strategy I described or the strategy you can see in soruman’s video. The third strategy is you capture the right side, the enemy captures the left side. Then you mass attack planets one by one and conquer the system.

    It is easy to win the game. You have to have and maintain a population advantage over the enemy during the whole game. If a player has 10 colony and you have 4, well it is definitely not your population advantage and you loose. As simple as it is.

  24. Jeff

    Dec 17 2009 18:38

    Reply to Jeff

    This is a reply to this comment of

    As noted in some other places, in levels 1-3 you need to buy your ship upgrades. I would do 2 or 3 upgrades per level. The Power and Speed are the best ones to start with since they help you to defeat levels 2-3 more quickly. To earn money you have to let the computer take over one of your planets repeatedly and when you retake it you get a chunk of money. It takes time. Note that the addicting games version doesn’t play the same as the version on this site. See Soroman/Jeff conversation above.

  25. Altrius

    Dec 18 2009 20:08

    Reply to Altrius

    are you timed on how long you can play a certain level?

  26. ndsfreak

    Dec 21 2009 22:44

    Reply to ndsfreak

    how do you buy upgrades cause i’m clicking on the turrets but it won’t buy

  27. soruman

    Dec 21 2009 23:35

    Reply to soruman

    nds, the addicting games version has a bug with turret upgrades, try the one here...

  28. Jebediah

    Dec 23 2009 09:30

    Reply to Jebediah

    I’ve beaten all the levels on addictinggames as well, and I found that the best way to beat the last levels (after you have all the upgrades from before) is to expand as fast as you can out to 4 planets or so. When the computers start attacking you, pick a planet off to the side that is still grey and colonize that. Buy a forcefield and send a good portion of your guys there, this will be your new home base. Let your population grow for a while as the computers battle it out. After a while there will be a few planets with no forcefield, no turrets, and a small population - attack these. Use any resources you have to buy forcefields on planets you want to keep, and keep spreading out to the low population and no defense planets (nice and slow). Before you know it, most of your planets will have a population of 100+ and most of the galaxy will be yours. Now you just choose the planets with the least defense (note, go after the forcefields last, you lose more to those than turrets).

    This may not be the best strategy, but it works... after an hour or two.

  29. thx!

    Dec 23 2009 17:36

    Reply to thx!

    thx for the tips
    i diden’t know that if you purchase upgrades at the previous levels that it still works at the next levels


  30. the guy who just said thx!

    Dec 23 2009 17:43

    Reply to the guy who just said thx!

    i love this game if you are the creaotr or you know the creator of the game can you or can you ask him/her if there is ganna come another version of it?

  31. the chosen one

    Dec 23 2009 17:45

    Reply to the chosen one

    how higher the population how higher the recources?

  32. Jacob

    Dec 30 2009 04:20

    Reply to Jacob

    damn im stuck on lvl 9 i kno to take over small planets first but everyone keeps taking over the planets after i take over. what do i do??

  33. soruman

    Dec 30 2009 04:31

    Reply to soruman

    Wait for they attack to a planet first, they usually send 6 ships and the planet power goes down to 4. With a good timing you can take over the planet with only 4 ships instead of 10.

    This strategy is valid always, do not attack a planet with 30 population, wait until some other enemy attacks it, and take it with less ships. This way you can use the ships to defend the planet instead to take over them. Also purchase shields on planets that are under attack.

  34. Manny

    Jan 09 2010 18:19

    Reply to Manny

    I have just finished the game after like 12 hours.It´s trulu addictive!
    Make sure you have all upgrades in the ships before you move up the higher levels.
    Just wait until you get 6000 once you only have a planet to conquer in the lower levels and don´t play the next level until you have upgraded either power or speed or it will be impossible.

  35. AC`

    Jan 11 2010 16:10

    Reply to AC`

    This game is dumb. Why would you have to wait two hours to accumulate enough points to upgrade enough to beat the 4th level. What a waist of time. They need to adjust the points - and why not have points carry over to the next round?

  36. saberfyre

    Jan 22 2010 17:44

    Reply to saberfyre

    This is a reply to this comment of

    u got sum problems then

  37. vvz

    Jan 26 2010 08:50

    Reply to vvz

    sometimes they do get unbeatable though
    if a planet gets too many upgrades, its impossible to crack

  38. Stu

    Apr 23 2010 19:32

    Reply to Stu

    You8 can beat lvl 4 without ups, i did. Just send all units to the planet close to the enemy straight away. Then you will take the plant after their first wave and they will move to another (takes one or two goes to do it in time) you can ten use this one to get ups faster as it has more plannets :)

  39. Roob

    Apr 27 2010 22:13

    Reply to Roob

    Obviously this doesn’t happen for everyone but it did for me. Game-breaking bug in the last level for me. Taken over every planet except purple main, but they have so many logic defenses that no matter how many ships I attack with, they convert them into their own and their population increases. It’s ridiculous. I have max population on 4 big planets and about 15 small ones, so I guess that’s about 2000 ships attacking them at no avail. :(

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