Gardenscape is an addicting hidden object game. Actually it is a downloadable casual game, however this free online version allows you to play the first several levels to try the game. The free version still offers you at least 15 minutes of fun. You don't need to download anything or need to pay a penny for that!

If you like the free game and want to purchase the full version DON'T DO IT FROM THE GAME! The ingame link redirects you to which sells the game for $19.95! However you can purchase the same game for $6.99 from BigFishGames! You can also download the free trial that gives you one hour of free play!

Create the perfect garden! Comb the rooms of a gorgeous mansion for hidden items and restore a once stunning garden to its former glory. Choose from tons of garden accessories to customize the garden to your taste. Become part of the city's community and compete in the "Best Garden" contest. I am not sure how many levels I've played, but it warned me at about level 8 that I need to buy the full version to play further.

Have fun!

Play GardenScapes online!

Download one hour trial of downloadable version!

Purchase the full downloadable version for $6,99!

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  1. I actually loved this game even if I don’t understand what is the garden purpose. However, too bad the game is 20$ to download! Loved the free bit!

  2. soruman

    Dec 09 2009 02:02

    Reply to soruman

    The ingame link redirects you to a provider that sells it for $19.95, however as I already said in the post you can buy the same game for $6,99 from Bigfish Games, or download a one hour free trial. (You may go further than you do in online version)

  3. soruman

    Dec 09 2009 02:02

    Reply to soruman

    I’ve also provided the links to the game on Bigfish Games site in the post...

  4. Oh thanks! I might give myself a xmas gift!

  5. Mel

    Dec 17 2009 06:00

    Reply to Mel

    Join shockwave for monthly or yearly fee you can download most of these games play and when done either delete or keep it.

  6. jojo

    May 14 2010 15:05

    Reply to jojo


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