Genesis Part 1

Genesis Part 1

Genre(s): Action Games, Added by : soruman, Apr 06 2010 02:08,
Tags : adventure, action,

Genesis is a new & well made action adventure developed by Matt Vile and sponsored by "Genesis was put together by altering existing virus's with the hope to increase certain peoples strength, speed and reaction time. Something that he believes if it had been around when his wife was taken from him that she could have been saved.  The virus has now entered its final stage of development and requires human testing. Of course feeling its his responsibility and only right, Damien reluctantly volunteers for the project. Little does he know that once the virus enters his veins it will change his life forever, and give him the chance to finally change everything. Whether if it is for the better or worse." Good luck & have fun!

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    Jun 06 2010 13:50

    Reply to DASDSDDCF

    When i try to exit the place that says new item pistol it doesn’t work

  2. Allen

    Jun 07 2010 22:39

    Reply to Allen

    this game is cool because you can frezz time

  3. lol man

    Jun 07 2010 22:40

    Reply to lol man

    haahahahahhahahah the allen kid repeated the same thing

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