Gordinho Adventure English

Gordinho Adventure English

Genre(s): Point & Click Games, Adventure Games, Added by : soruman, Dec 08 2009 20:37,
Tags : point & click, adventure

Gordinho Adventure is a two weeks old point & click adventure game, but the English version is a new release! After two weeks of the original game I am happy to announce this English version. In addition to its excellent artwork, it also has a good story. "In a world of full of hereos and villains, a chubby kid without superpowers was born. At the school, while other kids pretended to be superheroes, he was stealing their launch boxes. Everyone knew him as Gordinho, and his real name was never remembered again. Gordinho envied his neighbor so much because he had the power to become any kind of food he wanted. And kids with superpowers could join the University of Fantastic Superhereos. It wasn't any fair that skinny boy get into UFSH and Gordinho not.  So he decided to act and went to try his luck at UFSH." Have fun!

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    Nov 13 2010 21:34

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    swears a little but cool

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