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There are many puzzles about pipes, and many about gears, but Grayscale is the first combining the both. The art of the game is also grayscale like its name and lets rest your eyes, but after you pass the first few levels your brain may get hot because the increasing difficulty. A beautiful little puzzle game. Have fun!

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  1. MADness

    Jan 10 2010 03:28

    Reply to MADness

    How do you do Level 9?

  2. soruman

    Jan 10 2010 04:31

    Reply to soruman

    MADness I started to make the walkthrough for 9 for you and then made not only but also all later levels. Thanks for encouraging me for that. :)

    Now I am going to upload 9, but don’t have the time to upload them all. I’ll upload the others tomorrow...

  3. MADness

    Jan 10 2010 23:32

    Reply to MADness

    thanks :)

  4. MADness

    Jan 10 2010 23:35

    Reply to MADness

    What is up with the music on the Level 9 walkthrough?

  5. Bobzone

    Jan 18 2010 10:19

    Reply to Bobzone

    Thanks for the video for level 15. Was totally stumped on that one!

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