Gretel and Hansel Part 1

Gretel and Hansel Part 1

Genre(s): Point & Click Games, Adventure Games, Added by : soruman, Oct 23 2009 00:51,
Tags : point & click, adventure

Hansel & Gretel is a story that almost all of us heard in our childhood. The story follows a young brother and sister who discover a house of candy and cake in the forest and a child-devouring witch. Now we have Hansel & Gretel in a point & click adventure game. The game starts with an intro based on the real Hansel & Gretel story. She hears their parents decide they would be better of without them and decides to do something about that.  However she needs first wake up the lazy Hansel.

This is the first part of the game in which you guys need to find 10 shiny stones to mark a path to return back from the woods. The hand drawn art of the game created a perfect environment and makes you feel like you turn the pages of a story book. Be patient when till loading completes cause the game is a bit large, about 10Mb's. Hope you'll like the game! Have fun!

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  1. soruman

    Oct 23 2009 01:26

    Reply to soruman

    I’ve posted the video walkthrough to the videos section...

  2. KARYS

    Nov 08 2009 11:10

    Reply to KARYS


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