Gridz Grid 2.0

Gridz Grid 2.0

Genre(s): Puzzle Games, Added by : soruman, Nov 24 2009 21:10,
Tags : puzzle, addicting, challenging

Be ready for another new day full of challange with this addicting and challenging puzzle game. The goal is to turn the mess of pipes to a perfect closed system without crossing diffrent coloured pipes together. Depending on the level, there are one or several power sources and by rotating the pipes you make the power flow into the pipes, however because the pipes can only be rotated when they are connected to a power source it is not as easy at is sounds. You have to connect every pipe to a power source without leaving any pipe pathways unconnected. While a glpyh may sometimes have both blue and pink power running through it, these two different power streams must never cross, or it will cause a power surge! 

As we do on other games in the last 3 days, we may play it together and help each other when we are stuck.

There are a total of 40 levels and I am at 16 now. I hope I can finish it today.

Have fun!

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  1. soruman

    Nov 24 2009 23:25

    Reply to soruman

    I’ve made it upto level 19, I’ll continue to play tomorrow... It is time to sleep now!

    If you are stuck on any level before 20, I’ll try to remember how i did it and explain here tomorrow. If you can go beyond it, I may ask you for help. :)

  2. cocolocloco

    Dec 05 2009 02:22

    Reply to cocolocloco


  3. Jordan

    Dec 19 2009 03:10

    Reply to Jordan

    i’ve made it to level 40 and it’s HUGE, and i’m stuck.
    plz help

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