Imperium 2

Imperium 2

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Although real time strategy games have an extensive history and had excessive changes on almost every aspect the main idea is still based on resource management, identifinyg the spots that the enemy is weak and building your strategy according to enemies'. Some use quick attack tactics, while others adopt defend strategies.I always follow a powerfull economic strategy with a stong defensive strategy and prepare a massive attack force when I am economically strong. Actually, the thing that I like about these games is this resource management side and this is why I like the game I am going to introduce you today.

Imperium 2 is the newest resource management based strategy game from Belugerin Studios, the developers of the recent successful game The Last Village. First of all, it is a top quality game in terms of graphics art, sound effects, and background music.The game engine must be the same with last village cause the game play and war scenes are similiar, only with different graphics and some changes on the gui.

You start the game on a small area on a island. Your goal is to conquer all areas, at least defeat all enemies on the map. To do that, you must build an empire, create a powerfull army and expand your territory.Because the area is limited,you can't build all buildings on a village, therefore need to expand to neighboring areas. I set up some villages for resource gathering, and some (but relatively less) for millitary and support this millitary villages with the goods of resource villages. At your first play, It will be a good idea to start the game with only 2 enemies to make it easier. If you feel yourself comfortable with the game, you may restart a new game with more enemies.

All in all, Imperium 2 is an excellent game for this segment. It may not offer you the amazing graphics or gameplay that a premium game that comes on a bluereay dics or dvd, however it can keep you busy for a couple of days if you like this type of games. However, because the game is a new release and published a few days ago it still have some minor bugs.I will also publish the future versions here when they are ready. I have only found one critical bug that will make you lose money After you build up an embassy and start to import/export goods, do not use the HALF button to enter the amount of goods. If you do that your treasury won't be credited for the amount and all you have is losing the goods for nothing!

Lastly, let me give a tip before ending the review. At start of the game, you may use gold mines to increase the gold in your treasury, however later, when you build the embassy and can export goods lumberjacks will be more profitable. A lumberjack uses half of the resources of a gold mine, but the lumber produced can be sold for more. Gold mines produce 250 golds per day while the lumber a lumberjack produces (40) can be sold for 560.

Have fun playing the game!

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  1. dave

    Nov 29 2009 04:14

    Reply to dave

    to attack barbarian nations early:
    attack with two soldiers
    send one into battle, and wait for the barbarians to run out. you will win

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