Infectonator! World Domination

Infectonator! World Domination

Genre(s): Arcade Games, Added by : soruman, Feb 08 2010 14:03,
Tags : arcade, addicting, funny, zombie

WARNING: The game includes cartoon violence & blood and may not be suitable for young players.

Zombies and similiar kind of infected are an overused concept both in movies and video games. However the survival & victory story of human race started to be a boring factor! Infectonator World Domination brought a new approach to the zombie games and lets you be on zombies side and dominate the world with the virus. Your aim is simple, release the virus into the field, infect people and turn them into zombies & dominate the world.

At start of the game you can only infect the continent Africa, the other continents like europe, asia and america will be unlocked after completing some goals. Besides the high developed continents and towns are too hard at start. You need to research some updates to your virus in the lab before playing on others and the weak continents are the perfect source to save the required money.

The game features nice drawn pixel graphics and funny sound effects which makes it more entertaining. The cartoon speech bubbles are also really entertaining. It is fun to ruin the day of a happy person who is saying "What a nice day".

Briefly, Infectonator is a funny arcade game that will keep you entertained for hours. Good luck & have fun!

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  1. warrior5133

    Apr 13 2010 11:10

    Reply to warrior5133

    i love infectonator i was so happy when i saw world domination come out

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