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Warning. The game intruder contains adult themes and violence which may be upsetting for minors or persons of a nervous disposition. I advise you to view and send the content at your own discretion.

It is late in the midnight, you are trying to sleep listening to the hard rain pelting the roof and the angry growl of thunder rolling through the night. You blench with the sound of the phone. You took the phone slowly and instantly heard the voice of your old girl friend. You couln't even have the time to confound. She told you that someone broke into their house. She was panicked and scared! The power's out and she and her new boyfriend are hiding. You are the only person she trusts to come and save them from the Intruder. Now the fate of your ex rests on your shoulders.

Intruder is a horror themed first person point & click adventure game. The objective of the game is to avoid detection and rescue your friends. However the Intruder won't go down without a fight. Use your mouse to move through the game to find and pick up objects. Take your time and examine each scene carefully for objects and clues. Objects will appear in the bottom left hand corner as you collect them. Certain objects can be used by dragging them onto the screen. Use the information bar across the top of your screen to help you navigate the scenes. Find objects and hints and tips along the way. If you feel lost click the search icon to open map and get your position and maybe an extra clue or two. Use the arrow button to turn arround or move behind you.  Sometimes you'll be called upon to make quick decisions. You'll be given 3 options and 5 seconds to make your choice. Choose carefully. It is not usual to have lives in adventure games, but in Intruder you are given 3 lives to play with, use them wisely. 

Intruder is a gripping and nerve racking game with the grainy dark amopshere and the sounds you hear arround the home. I was nearly felling down from the chair when the damn cat jumped over me. Briefly, you should abosuletly play Intruder, but be prepared to fear! Have fun! (If you can)

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