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I can't really believe how they make such addicting game with such simple ideas. Kerixep is a new simple but addicting puzzle game that I've found on newgrounds. Your objective is to light up all the squares starting by hovering your mouse over squares starting at the first green square. The rule is simple, you can go over a square only once, and the first 10 levels is as simple as the idea. But after that the game starts to be really challenging. I've repeated level 19 ten or more times and now I'm stuck on level 26. There are a total of 30 levels. I am going to record solution videos when I finish all of them. Now lets play this simple but brain teasing puzzle game! If you are stuck click the mouse button to reset the level. By the way your game progress will be saved and you can continue to play later. Have fun! 

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  1. soruman

    Oct 20 2009 22:58

    Reply to soruman

    Someone has requested the solution of level 18 on youtube, i’ve added the video to the videos section...

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