Kingdoms Nobility

Kingdoms Nobility

Genre(s): Strategy Games, Simulation Games, Added by : soruman, Dec 19 2009 00:25,
Tags : point & click, strategy, city building, economy management

Kingdoms Nobility is a slow paced city building / economy management game developed by blue-omega games and sponsored by

The game is played through your mouse and operated on a point & click interface. You cannot directly control units, but instead build a balanced town to make things work. There are several missions to accomplish each with their differrent goals like reaching to a certain level of population and/or town score, building or upgrading some structures etc. Each level you start with some prebuilt structures and paths and continue to build depending on your strategy. It is important to take a look to current structures before deciding which structure to build next to prevent spending your valuable resources to right ones. Because people and good are circulated on paths, it is vital to have a good path system arround the city. Make sure that all related structures are closed to each other and have access to roads! If placement of buildings and roads is not carefully planned out it will affect your overall production. On almost all levels I had a bottleneck on lumber. Because most of the buildings require more lumber than stone I'll suggest you a higher priority for lumber related buildings and production.

Although it is a small flash game the graphics & animations are well drawn! The atmosphere is enhanced by background music with 3 different alternatives. If it is turned off, sound effects of various building & workers are played, alongside other ambient noises such as the tweeting of birds.

The game includes 30 buildings in different categories including residental, civic, religious, raw material, industry and educaiton structures and different resources produced by those structures. By clicking on a building you can see detailed information about that building like the numbers of workers employed and amount of resources and products in there. The mini stats at the bottom right of the screen will give you a snapshot of required workers and residental buildings. Time to time some alerts are shown at the top of the game window depending on the situation informing you about the needs of the town. Some of you may wonder if the town as army or military buildings, unfortunately the answer is no! This is why I defined it as a city building / economy management game. I hope they will include miltary & war if they make a sequel to the game. Anyway it is still entertaining to play it as it is! For now I played the first 4 levels and still continue to play, I'll be glad if you share tips for the game. Have fun!

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