Kitchen Brigade

Kitchen Brigade

First of all, let me state that this is not a free game. You can play the trial for one hour, but then need to purchase the game for $6.99 to play the game.I'll provide the link to the trial at the end of the post.

The first time management game that I played was Diner Dash, probably one of the first games of this type. Kitchen Brigade is a time management game that is similiar to Diner Dash on both the story and game play.  The story begins after you've completed Cooking Academy and won the World Culinary Workshop prize of one millions dollars. But after IRS deduct the tax, you pay your school loan, and the game forces you to buy a restuarant, you are left nothing but with an empy bank account and a restaurant. You don't have too many alternatives, lets start cooking!

On each level, you have to serve different types of customers with different needs and profiles as good as you can to pass the levels. Customers arrive at the counter and tell you their orders, each of which involve several steps to complete.  What makes the games different from most of the other time management games is that you are in the kitchen as well! You are not only the boss of the restaurant but also the master chef of it. It is really fun to prepare the orders, especially when they go complexed.

After first level, famed chef Henri Fromage chooses you to be on his new television program! You and six other chefs will compete to be the star of the show, and win the competition. Every ten days Chef Fromage will appear in all contestant's restaurants and order a dish. Whichever of the contestants serves up the worst food or slowest service is eliminated! And the winners receive a brand new restaurant to work in for the next ten days. In other words, you unlock a new kitchen every 10 days. I've played American, Asian, Mexican and Chinese kitchens. In addition to the story mode, the game offers a challange mode to play. It is like a survival mode and much harder than the story.

All in all, Kitchen Brigade is a good example of a time management game, and offers more than the previous games of this type. Play it free for one hour, and purchase your copy for $6.99 if you like it.

Download the game from Bigfish Games.

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  1. soruman

    Oct 19 2009 00:23

    Reply to soruman

    I’ve uploaded a trainer with two hacks for the game.

    Press F11 for Super Server, For each customer you served you get credit for 10 additional customers.

    Press F12 for Lots of Cash, + You get $10,000 a customer bonus as long as this cheat is activated.

    Unzip the file anywhere on your computer, run the trainer before starting the game, then start the game and use the hotkeys to activate/deactivate cheats...

  2. lady gaga

    May 03 2010 18:49

    Reply to lady gaga

    hey people

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