Knight Elite

Knight Elite

Genre(s): Action Games, Added by : soruman, Mar 30 2010 23:05,
Tags : strategy, action, shooter, ninjakiwi, kaiparasoft

Knight Elite is a new shooter action developed by KaiparaSoft. The goal of the game is to defend your castle against hordes of incoming orc attacks. In addition to the well looking arts and well fit sound effects, it also features tons of weapon & building upgrades, helpful AI controlled units and skill upgrades based on XP points.

There are two main attack types, ranged & melee. You can equip crossbow for ranged attacks, or other weapons for melee attacks. It is also possible to wear armors, plates or shields to have some level of protection. Do not try to purchase all of the weapons or more units than you need, save your money on building upgrades which allows you stronger defences for your castle, stronger units to purchase. The strategy on how to spend your money will have a great effect on your success as well as your warrior skills. All in all, Knight Elite is a really detailed game that features good looking graphics and well made sound effects. Good luck & have fun!

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  1. soruman

    Mar 31 2010 02:32

    Reply to soruman

    I can’t go further than level 30, I think I’ve made something wrong earlier in the game...

    Next time, I am going to purchase archers earlier instead of upgrading the walls to the max. Archers allow you to kill the beasts before they break inside the walls. Without archers they break in while you are dealing with other walls even if you have the strongest wall...

  2. Blubb

    Apr 05 2010 14:05

    Reply to Blubb

    This game is to easy


    Apr 06 2010 02:26

    Reply to SUPER POOP



    Apr 06 2010 02:26

    Reply to SUPER POOP


  5. acevedo

    Apr 08 2010 19:09

    Reply to acevedo

    i am on 46

  6. aPmlkna

    Apr 10 2010 15:06

    Reply to aPmlkna

    Im stuck on 41. There is about 15 huge things.

  7. Chaz

    Apr 11 2010 13:27

    Reply to Chaz

    Just slam into them and click like mad, they can hardly hurt you. Healing potions are cheap as well, get the alchemist lab and you beginners will be fine (Y)

  8. steel_hurtz

    Apr 16 2010 06:45

    Reply to steel_hurtz

    i find the best method is to move around and keep ducking n diving into the packs n just swing away

  9. PlatypusLOL

    Apr 22 2010 09:59

    Reply to PlatypusLOL

    all i done was get the longsword, and fully upgrade the sword damage :D immense damage lol and i also use a lot of knights and shredders, being that they last a fairly long time. as long as you don’t lag, you’ll be just fine :)

  10. bob

    Apr 27 2010 00:50

    Reply to bob

    i think you shold get wizard tower first

  11. luc

    May 02 2010 01:46

    Reply to luc

    This is a reply to this comment of

    no its not I’m stuck on level 50

  12. luc

    May 02 2010 01:47

    Reply to luc

    This is a reply to this comment of

    no i like the slicing tower

  13. devin

    May 03 2010 15:15

    Reply to devin

    whats the best setup for new players

  14. Confidential

    May 04 2010 20:01

    Reply to Confidential

    the easiest way i find to play this game with barely getting hurt... is to circle the enemies, that way they will be spinning around the whole time and wont attack
    (this works better with ogres)

  15. André

    May 12 2010 08:37

    Reply to André

    Buy a flail with stun.
    I’ve made it with the first flail until level 35, then bought the last flail.
    I never needed warriors, shredders, wizards or whatever. Just opgrade your wall, make it damage able, and it is done easily :)

  16. Rasmus

    May 14 2010 06:46

    Reply to Rasmus

    Died at lvl 48:(

  17. dasoxf

    May 16 2010 06:17

    Reply to dasoxf

    I think the game is easy i just have sword training 2 and 1 footman,3 wizards,1 shredder,4 archers, and four knights.

  18. NegaHedgehog

    May 16 2010 13:50

    Reply to NegaHedgehog

    My Strategy:
    Get to the highest level possible, and the highest wave posiible, until you get killed.
    Then, on the menu, click Retrain.
    Keep doing the folloing steps, and you can have get to level 30, at the least. ( Not guarranted to destroy the (Spoilers Alert) giant Orange Orc on wave 50)
    Also, try to buy the Executioner’s Sword. It’s like a Long Sword, but kills way faster and better.

  19. Devilgab92

    May 16 2010 20:48

    Reply to Devilgab92

    Is there any way to get faster the Orcbane

  20. Bankroet

    May 18 2010 10:01

    Reply to Bankroet

    The best way of doing it is buying the gold mine first, getting most money, meaning before the end of wave 6, then get a long short. don’t waste money on units, they die and you will have no profit from the money as when you spend it on weapons. You will need to save the money for the orbane in the end. if you really cant get further buy armor. somewhere around wave 25-35 wgeb the creeps get to much you can start upgrading walls and buy spikes to kill the small ones.

    concerning skilss, you can retrain/redivede them if need be: get a high cleaver, crittical hit, swordskill and putt the rest on HP.

    for more questions ad me on skype jhluten

  21. uka091

    May 19 2010 16:18

    Reply to uka091

    pass game but there is no cheats

  22. Annonymous

    May 20 2010 19:17

    Reply to Annonymous

    Is there is any hack on this game? I tried with cheat engine 5.5 but didn’t worked, Please tell Thanks for reading :)

  23. nifnadsnlfs

    May 22 2010 04:11

    Reply to nifnadsnlfs

    With Cheat engine 5.5 you can hack health by setting the scan type to double, and then just hack it normally

  24. hjnkddd

    May 22 2010 04:12

    Reply to hjnkddd


  25. Guest

    May 22 2010 18:25

    Reply to Guest

    You can easily get Orcbane just by buying everything in front of crystal mines (don’t buy crystal mines) Then buy the armory buy a long sword, and a leather armour, with these and sword mastery, you will easily fare until you have 80000 gold and then you can buy Orcbane.

  26. Chris

    May 29 2010 13:26

    Reply to Chris

    Are there any cheats finally?Yes or no

  27. Matheus

    May 30 2010 11:58

    Reply to Matheus

    I beat the game :) and i am 10...
    ill put some tips here.

    don’t buy wall upgrades,let the orcs enter and then smash them (this will give you extra money,and don’t buy the moat).i used it on my game but it just become harder.

    try to buy double gold upgrade as fast as you can to get more money.
    until wave 10 try to have at least footman and archer for train, then train 5 archers and 5 footman, and when in wave 40 try to have at least 20 archers, 5 knights, and 1 shredder (optionally 10 footman too).

    about upgrades, buy first the efficient training at max level, after: brutal training, and to end: combat mentor, after you can upgrade what do you

    about weapons, buy the longsword, after the executioner, for end buy orcbane(i couldn’t buy it because i made wall upgrades and moat, etc...) if you cannot buy orbane buy maul of the titans,but if you can’t buy both buy at least the flail of thrashing (of
    course if you have mochicoins buy the vorpal sword)

    these tips may help many people to beat it...
    OBS:If i said something wrong, sorry because i am brazilian and 10 years as you see in the start of post.

  28. Matheus

    May 30 2010 12:06

    Reply to Matheus

    but if you want to buy orcbane dont use soldiers

  29. james

    May 30 2010 18:04

    Reply to james

    im on elite version wave 45...cant beat it

  30. jon

    Jun 13 2010 07:12

    Reply to jon

    dont buy wall and train a troops... always buy uprades

  31. alkerione

    Jun 18 2010 16:36

    Reply to alkerione

    cant kill big orange guy

  32. Geo3295

    Jun 18 2010 18:16

    Reply to Geo3295

    BEAT ALL 50!!!!!

  33. Jeffrey

    Jun 24 2010 19:42

    Reply to Jeffrey

    This is a reply to this comment of


  34. AmuChan

    Jun 25 2010 22:19

    Reply to AmuChan

    im 10 i beat the game

    first i try to get gold mine and crystal mine

    after that get blacksmith and armoury

    get Wizard tower and start getting equips

    Optional:ugrade max wall and put moat and spikes so they’ll die before they get in

    i had to retrain once so i beat the game when i was lv 24

  35. dasl12

    Jul 02 2010 14:52

    Reply to dasl12

    well. nothings wrong when you have 2 shredders, maxed out walls, chainmail and a mythril mual.its a orc massacre

  36. game mokey

    Jul 09 2010 05:52

    Reply to game mokey

    i finished the game it was so easy

  37. rankashanka

    Jul 16 2010 22:48

    Reply to rankashanka

    this web gives no cheats what happened website hugh what happened to the cheats that you said was gonna be on this website in the beggining =[ FAIL!

  38. tapper22nd

    Jul 19 2010 02:53

    Reply to tapper22nd


    it is way more effiecient to time each swipe of your flesh cutter so that you get continuous blows..

    on your 3rd swipe, the Knight typically goes for a slower attack which leaves you open for enemies that you couldn’t cleave to attack you..

    POTION OF FURY is sicker than the 3rd floor of a hospital.

  39. Fox

    Jul 24 2010 06:17

    Reply to Fox

    Its easy, dont buy any upgrades i only brought up to the crystal mine and wizard tower and the armory,

    round 1-6 get gold mine
    round 7-10 get armory and long sword
    then when possible get the crystal mine followed by everything you need for wizard tower, after that dont buy anything until you can get the executioner blade and the the orcbane, if needed get orb of seeing and armor, i had the orcblane and best amour and shield :P

  40. proo

    Aug 06 2010 13:13

    Reply to proo

    This is a reply to this comment of

    i made it

  41. justin

    Oct 14 2010 06:15

    Reply to justin

    Its easy just get the get the ececutioner and a shield. Then buy a couple mages and then kill the orc emperor witch is a big orge colored gient. Now im working on elite mode

  42. g4george

    Oct 18 2010 20:59

    Reply to g4george

    good way to beat level 41 is to use axe of regneration when u have 5000 gold u can buy the crossbow of speed then just walk away from your enemys and fire the crossbow at them

  43. kyle

    Nov 24 2010 20:03

    Reply to kyle

    i only use a crossbow. i can kill the big guys by runshoot runshoot

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