Legend of the Golden Mask

Legend of the Golden Mask

Genre(s): Point & Click Games, Hidden Object Games, Added by : soruman, Oct 09 2009 08:39,
Tags : point & click, hidden object

Legend of the Golden Mask is a new point & click hidden object (and spot the difference in some levels) game from Candy Stand. Although it is just a free browser (flash) game, it offers the quality of paid downloadable hidden object games. However as a result of this quality the loading time is much longer than the average flash games.

The story starts when you moved your grandfathers house, who disapperaed mysteriously many years ago. You moved the house to take care of the family estate but as you sort through the old items that are scattered arround the rooms, you've found a clue about your grandfather. After collecting stip op papers that are spreaded arround the room you noticed that it is kind of a map, and went after your grandfather.

The levels are mostly about spotting hidden objects, but on some you are going to spot the differences between two scenes. On hidden object levels, you are going to find the items in your list (which changed on every game play) in addiition to the bonus golden puzzle parts. I've played upto level 6, then stopped playing to share the game with you. I hope you like it. Have fun!

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