Methus' Tower Defence

Methus' Tower Defence

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Although the name is Methus Tower Defence, this one is not a common tower defence game. Generally, the goal of the tower defence games is stopping enemies by building tower that shoot passing enemies in a range. In Methus Tower Defence, your goal is still defending your base against the waves of enemies attacking your base, however there are no towers. You'll defend the base yourself by playing the role evil necromancer that is casting spells to kill that enemies.

There are 10 different magic skills consisting of 5 evocation spells and 5 necromantic rituals. You can learn or upgrade the spells by using the souls you collect which again differentiates the game from classic tower defence games. Instead of making cash for each enemy you kill, you collect the souls of the enemies which you can use for learning or upgrading spells, reparing your base or to recharge your mana pool. Remember to drain the souls asap, or they will go to the hell befoure you can collect them.

There are 20 challenging levels. Your goal is to survive all of these 20 levels, keeping your tower energy barrier up and beating the enemy waves off.  The background music and sound effects are as good as the graphic art of the game. 

The story behind the game

Methus is an ambitious talented sorcerer of the black magic art who decided to become a loyal follower of the unmentionable Dark Lord supporting his war versus human communities.  Unfortunately for Methus, as in the most classic fantasy stories, ...the good ones won the war versus the Dark Lord's armies.

So, the Orcs and Goblins who escaped from the slaughter want to avenge their dead buddies by killing Methus who convinced them to fight aside the Dark Lord.

Also the survived chaos knight and dark mages want their payback and they ask it to the Dark Lord's follower who is still alive.
On top of that, the winner army of the Humans Alliance wants to eradicate all the evil arms of the Dark Lord.
As a consequence our dear Methus is now besieged within his tower by enemy hordes demanding his head cut off!
He is a novice sorcerer, but as a talented necromancer he knows the power of the dead souls and he still has the Dark Lord spirit aside to teach him how to learn and upgrade the spells and rituals of the black art!


At first, I tried to learn new spells as soon as i can afford them but later noticed that upgrading one type of spell is more powerfull than learning the basics of many ones. After playing 2-3 times, I can make it up to level 14. I'll share new tips when I have some more experience. EDIT: I've added some tips to beat the game to the cheats/tips section below...

Have fun!

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  1. soruman

    Oct 13 2009 23:52

    Reply to soruman

    The game will keep you busy for 1-2 hours. It is fun to play a few times, after then it starts to be boring...

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