Miami Shark

Miami Shark

Genre(s): Arcade Games, Other, Added by : soruman, Oct 14 2009 11:38,
Tags : arcade, movie

Don't you get bored playing on the good side always? Why do we have to the hero that saves the planet, or beat the bad guys most of the time? If you feel the same meet Miami Shark, in which the hero is the Shark we know from Jaws movies. The goal is to rampage Miami coast! Eat people, eat dolphins, destroy boats, run helis & airplanes in deep sea and have fun! 

The graphics & sound effects are satisfactory, however I think that the game is really short. There are no threats against you, there are no health bar, even no levels. All you do is trying to get an higher score in that 98 miles coast track. It is a game that you'll play several times to bite different types of airplanes... Now start the rampage, have fun!

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  1. eric

    Apr 24 2010 20:25

    Reply to eric

    the game is addicting

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